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Bus coordination

More cooperation between the city and university bus systems only makes sense.

October 22, 2005


It seems that Kansas University is opening the door to the possibility of increased cooperation between the two bus systems now operated by KU and the city.

Such cooperation only makes sense.

The Federal Transit Authority already subsidizes the T and is unlikely to help finance two bus systems in Lawrence. KU needs government funds to help upgrade its buses, and cooperating with the city is one way to gain access to those funds. On the other side, KU's buses carry about 9,000 riders per day, while the city's T carries about 1,200. Increased cooperation with KU could mean more riders and more revenue for the city.

In a recent memo, KU Provost David Shulenburger indicated willingness to pursue some level of cooperation with the city, and the matter is on Tuesday's Lawrence City Commission agenda. A full merger probably isn't in the cards, but some functions, such as maintenance and hiring, might be combined. KU wants to maintain the routes that students need and use, but increased cooperation might allow the city and KU to make their services more complementary.

About any collaboration between the two bus systems is bound to have benefits for both and should be actively pursued by city and KU officials.


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