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What are you reading?

October 16, 2005


Joe Montgomery, welder, Lawrence

"'Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for America,' by Robert B. Reich. It's about the Rad-cons and how liberal America isn't taking a better stance on the country's state of affairs."

Eric Gabrielson, systems analyst, Lawrence

"I just finished 'Eragon,' by Christopher Paolini. It's part of a fantasy trilogy about an orphan who finds a stone that turns out to be a dragon egg and he becomes the nest dragon rider."

Peris Wanjiku, Kansas University senior, Lawrence

"Right now, I'm reading 'Blue Like Jazz,' by Donald Miller. It's basically this guy's Christian perspective on Christians and Christ."

Victoria Garrette, artist, Lawrence

"'The Weight of Water,' by Anita Shreve. It's about two murders that happened in Massachusetts in 1873 and this photojournalist who is investigating them in the present."

Konrad Bruner, KU senior, Lawrence

"'Thomas More: A Biography,' by Richard Marius. It's for a class, and I'm really enjoying it. It addresses northern humanism."


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