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Battle of flat-screen technologies displayed

October 9, 2005


An intensifying rivalry between Panasonic and Sharp underscores an underlying battle over the technology behind flat-screen TVs.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., which makes Panasonic products, is showcasing the advantages of its plasma-display panels at the CEATEC consumer electronics exhibition this week. Sharp Corp. is pushing liquid-crystal display panels.

One booth makes no secret of its message: Matsushita placed a PDP TV right next to an LCD TV to demonstrate how PDPs appear to be delivering more dazzling images. But in another corner, Sharp is showing off upgraded LCD panels that aren't fuzzy even when viewed from an angle, a past drawback.

Earlier in the week in Tokyo, Sharp unveiled a new LCD that delivers excellent contrast even in dark places.

The rivalry comes as more people are switching from old-style cathode-ray tube to flat screens.


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