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October 9, 2005


The following Douglas County residents or businesses filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Kansas, during the week ending Thursday:

¢ Jay D. Pratt, 772 N. 500 Road, Baldwin.

¢ Beth Leigh Simpson, frequently known as Beth Leigh Harris, 4500 Overland Drive, Apt. 102B, Lawrence.

¢ Kayle James Tillery, 945 1/2 Ala., Lawrence.

¢ Shaun Allen Elston and Brandy Lynn Elston, frequently known as Brandy Ousdahl, 3416 W. Ninth Court, Lawrence.

¢ James Henry McClurkin Sr., 1816 E. 25th St. Terrace, Lawrence.

¢ Monica Renee Davis-Falls, 544 Ariz., Lawrence.

¢ Noreena Marie Williams, 416 Ill., Lawrence.

¢ Toni R. Sayrs, 1401 E. 24th St., Apt. C8, Lawrence.

¢ Gregory Lane Westcott and Tracy Louise Westcott, 610 Forrest Ave., Lawrence.

¢ Michelle Denise Avery, 2515 Crestline Place, Lawrence.

¢ Eric Lee Allam, 209 Yorkshire Drive, Lawrence.

¢ Lori Lynn Clark, 2515 Atchison, Lawrence.

¢ Tracy Lynn Jerome, 1523 Stevens Road, Eudora.

¢ Robert Leroy Wagner and Theresa Ann Wagner, 4700 W. 27th St., Apt. GG8, Lawrence.

¢ Jeramy Lee Wrinkle and Heather Anne Wrinkle, frequently known as Heather Christensen, 1429 Acorn St., Eudora.

¢ Arthur Leroy Hughes, 1417 Cedar Street, Eudora.

¢ Michael Dale Darling, 1328 Tenn., Apt. 4, Lawrence.

¢ Michael Jason Hiser, 2412 Ala., Apt. 1D, Lawrence.

¢ Rebecca Marie Alexander, 665 E. 582 Road, Lawrence.

¢ Robb Ryan Hasler and Edmee Carolina Rodriguez, 2500 W. Sixth St., Apt. 418, Lawrence.

¢ Richard Eugene Riemer and Marilyn Sue Riemer, 125 Willow, Ottawa.

¢ Walter Dean Freeman, 768 E. 550 Road, Lawrence.

¢ Melvin Morris Pittman and Donna Lee Pittman, 554 N. 1200 Road, Lawrence.

¢ Jana Michelle Tuttle-Bell, 2716 Meadow Drive, Lawrence.

¢ Ryan Edward Rofkahr, 2021 Melholland, Lawrence.

¢ Jessica Ann Gomez, 822 R.I., No. 2, Lawrence.

¢ Anthony Wayne Lyles and Rebecca Lynn Lyles, 1721 E. 24th St., Lawrence.

¢ Paul Douglas Mallamo and Susan Diane Mallamo, 3108 Riverview Road, Lawrence.

¢ Denise Lee Breason, 2015 E. 126 Road, Lecompton.

¢ Clinton Ray Laughlin Jr., also known as Sonny Laughlin, P.O. Box 162, Lecompton.

¢ Beau Justin Goldsmith, 3416 Augusta Drive, Lawrence.

¢ Keith Thomas Garcia, 2705 W. 30th, Lawrence.

¢ Joyce Ann DeShazo, frequently known as Joyce Pedraza, 2030 E. 26th Terrace, Lawrence.

¢ Mark Allen Jacobs and Tina Louise Jacobs, 615 Ash St., Eudora.

¢ Joseph Fulton VanAuken Jr., doing business as Oakview Property Management, 1709 Ala., and Sheridan Sloan VanAuken, also known as Sheri VanAuken, 5121 Congressional Circle, A203, Lawrence.


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