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KU dejàvu

Logo similarities end with the price tags.

October 3, 2005


It would be the ultimate irony if Kansas University now learned that its new logo had to be tossed out because it infringed on some other school's trademark rights.

As illustrated in Friday's Journal-World, the similarity between the new KU logo and the "KU" used by Kutztown University in Kutztown, Pa., is striking. The tail on the Kutztown "K" is slightly longer (almost identical to one of the other four logo finalists considered in Kansas) and its "U" is slightly shorter, but both logos employ the same type font. If Kutztown didn't render its letters in red, rather than official Kansas University blue, it would be difficult to distinguish between the two.

One notable difference, of course, is the price tag. Kansas paid $89,000 for the development of its new look, while Kutztown bought its new logo design for $20,000 two years ago. Kutztown, a school about a third the size of Kansas University, seems to have gotten essentially the same logo at a bargain price.

Fortunately, Kansas officials say their university has owned the federal registered trademark for the letters KU for any higher education use since 1979 and they are confident of their legal standing in the matter. Paul Carttar, executive vice chancellor for external affairs described the situation with Kutzman as "unfortunate" but "humorous."

That about sums it up. We might as well laugh.


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