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Wichita man proposes 500- to 650-foot-tall tower

October 1, 2005


— The state's largest city would add a towering structure reminiscent of Seattle's Space Needle to its skyline if a 28-year-old chemical technician gets his way.

Admittedly, Joe Williams has had little experience with such a project.

But that hasn't stopped him from seeking backers from his proposed "Peerless Tower." The name comes from journalist Marshall Murdock's description of the city: "Peerless Princess of the Plains."

"I think the city of Wichita needs something like this," Williams said. Earlier this month, Williams filed paperwork creating Peerless Tower Inc. as a nonprofit corporation.

Williams thinks the tower would attract tourists, giving them a central meeting place. Depending on its location, the tower would be 500 to 650 feet tall.

So far, neither Wichita Mayor Carlos Mayans nor the city's planning department has heard about the idea.


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