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McGwire: no regrets about testimony

October 1, 2005


— Mark McGwire stands by his no comment.

The St. Louis Cardinals season home run king Friday made his first appearance at Busch Stadium this season as part of a final-weekend reunion at the 40-year-old ballpark. He said he had no regrets about his often-criticized testimony before Congress in March during steroids hearings, during which he repeatedly said "I'm not here to talk about the past."

"I've moved on from it, and I wish the media would," McGwire said. "I've made my statement in Washington, that's my statement, and when I left Washington that's the last time I was ever going to talk about it, and that's really about it."

McGwire told Congress he'd be interested in speaking out against steroid abuse. Now, he said he wasn't interested in discussing the steroids issue anymore.

"That statement comes from the heart, and that's the way it is," McGwire said. "When I left there, I'm never going to talk about it again.

"I'm a very positive person, and I just wish everybody else would be positive."

McGwire said he was aware his image had taken a big hit, but didn't appear concerned. "I'm enjoying life right now," he told reporters from the Associated Press and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "I know you guys have been very negative towards me, and that's your job, but I'm a very positive person, and I've moved on."

McGwire broke Roger Maris' home run record in 1998 when he hit 70, and he hit 583 home runs in his career. He participated in the stadium countdown, removing the number 3 from the right-field wall after the end of the fifth.

A sellout crowd stood in anticipation before McGwire arrived at the right-field wall with his wife, Stephanie, and sons, Max and Mason. He then waved in several directions as cheers overwhelmed light booing for the appearance.


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