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Team 3 doubles Jayhawks’ score for win

November 23, 2005


With five team members wearing differing styles of sweatbands to help them find the man they are guarding, the second grade Team 3 doubled up the score of the Jayhawks to earn a win.

Team 3 beat the Jayhawks 28-14 Saturday at the East Lawrence Center.

Anthony Harvey Sr., Team 3 head coach, said the competition for the kids is what he likes best about the games.

"I thought it was a good game because these guys get to come out here and meet new kids, and they get to compete with no pressure on them," Harvey said.

One of the sweatband wearers, guard Peter Afful, competed with tenacity as he drove the lane to attempt lay-ups. When Afful or any of his teammates were off the mark with an attempt, he was there to pull down the offensive board.

But Team 3 and the Jayhawks didn't get off to a fast offensive start, with the teams scoring a combined six points in the first quarter. Team 3 then used good passing to open up shooting and scoring lanes during the second quarter and throughout the remainder of the game. The whole team hit eight-foot jump shots with regularity, and they tried 20-foot jump shots with regularity, but the longer attempts didn't fall reliably.

Jayhawks shooting guard Hunter Caughron did knock down a 20-foot jumper. After the shot he pumped his fists in the air while jogging back down the court, playing off the crowd's reaction to his deep toss.

Caughron's sharp shooting was no match for the dribbling ability of Team 3 guard Anthony Harvey Jr. Harvey Jr., also wearing a sweatband, liked to steal the ball on defense and then streak up the court and lay the ball into the hoop with a slick finger roll.

Jayhawks guard Sam Dykes, left, attempts to block the shot of Team 3 guard Daonte Lowery, right, Saturday at the East Lawrence Center.

Jayhawks guard Sam Dykes, left, attempts to block the shot of Team 3 guard Daonte Lowery, right, Saturday at the East Lawrence Center.

Harvey Sr. said he believes dribbling is one of the biggest keys to success for his basketball team throughout the season.

"What we're going to teach these kids is to be able to dribble, because it's something they all get nervous and excited about," Harvey Sr. said. "If they can just remember to dribble every now and then they'll be fine."

The dribbling work that Harvey Sr. and his team have done during practices seems to have paid off, as they were more skilled than the Jayhawks on Saturday.

Harvey Sr. also said his team needs to work as a team and not to worry too much about the crowd's response to the game.

"We'll also work on sharing the ball a little more," Harvey Sr. said. "They all want to score because you only get claps when people score. We need to be able to share the ball and continue to have fun at the same time."

Hopefully Team 3 can have fun, but if they don't at least they'll have some style with all of their sweatbands.


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