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Postcard from paradise: Gary Bedore

November 22, 2005


Greetings from Maui,

Monday morning's activities reminded me of why I like covering afternoon KU basketball games in Hawaii so much (remember, KU and Arizona tipped off at 4 p.m. Maui time).

The routine is get up about 8, walk out the sliding glass door of the room at the hotel and take off for a long walk on the beach while watching kids and their dads toss the football and frolic in the ocean.

Next, head over to the Westin Hotel and hang out at the pool (which is about a 30-second walk to the ocean), relax and shoot the breeze about the Maui Invitational with friends and strangers alike while basking in the sun.

Grab a slice of pizza in the outdoor mall on the beachfront, then head over to the arena to watch some late-afternoon basketball. Ah ... it gets no better than this.

Except ... a miscalculation on the menu for dinner the night before cost me dearly in the health department. If you've never been to Hawaii -- and if you haven't, I'd recommend saving up for KU's next trip here, probably in 2009 -- do not order ahi steak when you mean to order ono.

If you order ahi and it's cooked as poorly as mine was on Sunday night, your stomach will be screaming "OH NO!" and put a mild cramp in your plans for a delightful stay in paradise.

-- Gary Bedore


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