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A.G. sues towing company

TransMasters’ high costs called violations of Consumer Protection Act

November 10, 2005


One woman was told she'd have to pay a towing company $425 to get her car back. The amount grew to $570, then $650, then $1,000, then $1,500.

In another case, a vehicle owner was billed $275 to tow her vehicle less than 1,500 feet.

Atty. Gen. Phill Kline made those allegations and more in a consumer-protection lawsuit filed this week in District Court against TransMasters, a Lawrence-based towing company at 1549 N. Third St.

Kline said the company committed 14 violations of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act since 1999 in cases involving six customers. He's asking a judge to fine the company $10,000 per count.

"It's just a pattern of deceptive business practices and unconscionable business practices under the law, and it's something that this office takes very seriously," said Whitney Watson, a Kline spokesman.

A consumer-protection suit has been filed against TransMasters Towing, Lawrence. Owner Kevin Raasch, who reviewed the suit Wednesday, disputes the complaints.

A consumer-protection suit has been filed against TransMasters Towing, Lawrence. Owner Kevin Raasch, who reviewed the suit Wednesday, disputes the complaints.

But Kevin Raasch, 40, owner of TransMasters, spoke out Wednesday to defend his business. He said he often deals with people who are upset just because they had an accident and learned they had to pay for the tow out-of-pocket.

Throw in storage costs, gas mileage and special equipment used to pull vehicles out of difficult spots, and the charges are justifiable, he says.

"I think there's people that would have complained whether it was $197.50 or $65," he said.

Asked why he thought the state was targeting him and not other towing companies, he said, "Maybe some other people are willing to negotiate, and I stand my ground and I'm not."

'Kind of shady'

Watson said the complaint was filed after Kline's office received a file of information the Kansas Highway Patrol had collected about TransMasters since the late 1990s. The company, founded in 1989, often responds to requests for tows on the Kansas Turnpike, which is policed by the patrol.

"They were basically internal memos that troopers had written to their patrol commander: 'I think this is kind of shady,'" Watson said. "Just a few months ago the troopers forwarded that information to us. ... We made contact with the people who are referenced in some of the reports."

Among the cases involved in the lawsuit:

¢ In August 2004, Kansas University student Beth Krayenhagen received a $425 bill after having her car towed out of water during a flash flood. The charges included $225 for towing, $100 for special equipment, $75 for storage, plus mileage charges.

In a 2004 Journal-World article about that incident, Raasch defended the charge as reasonable and disputed Krayenhagen's claim that employees resisted showing her an itemized bill.

¢ In May 2004, a woman who was hospitalized after a crash was charged $425 for a tow. When her daughter tried to get the vehicle, Kline alleges, TransMasters employees told her the amount grew to $570, then to $650 after she complained about it. Later, Kline alleges, the company demanded $1,000 and $1,500.

Raasch says the price grew simply because of storage fees. But Kline alleges the storage rates were excessive.

¢ In March 2003, a man was charged $441.25 for a tow and ended up paying $466.25, Kline alleges. But Raasch says Kline is flat-out wrong: the alleged victim in that case never paid or picked up his vehicle, Raasch says.

¢ In February 2005, the company charged a woman $275 to tow her vehicle less than 1,500 feet and store it less than an hour, Kline alleges. Raasch said he didn't remember the case offhand.


jhawkfan05 12 years, 4 months ago

HAHA this is just to funny it is about time they hang him. Hope they check out some of his accidents that he has had to work for Semi Trucks that will really blow their mind try $11,000.00 and up for tows.

Baille 12 years, 4 months ago

Why did the KHP keep using him? Why did the LPD? This isn't the first complaint I have heard about this company. Maybe this investigation should expand.

barelygettingby 12 years, 4 months ago

All I can say is, it's about time. This company has been shafting people for years. They charge almost twice as much as any other company in town for "normal" tows, and whatever they feel like on wrecks and "major" tows. Their tow bills are always outrageous compared to any other company in town -but, of course, always "justifiable". I feel sorry for people who find out their veh was towed by TM without their knowledge. If it had been towed by anyone else, they would still be able to afford to eat that month.

trueninetiesgirl 12 years, 4 months ago

dont forget that the tow lots, also let there employes, go threw your car.and they take what ever they see that they want.i know this happened to me and some of my friends.

average 12 years, 4 months ago

Transmasters was always the choice of the vindictive ass. A friend accidentally parked in an UNPOSTED alley spot. Five minutes later, Transmasters, $300+.

average 12 years, 4 months ago

On the unmarked property line between houses. Sorry for not being clear.

neopolss 12 years, 4 months ago

You have to believe the LPD was getting some sort of cut under the table for its referrals. I was totally shafted by Transmasters when my car was wrecked. Actually, I wasn't even asked if I wanted it towed, or where I wanted it towed. Hosers.

DeputyAG 12 years, 4 months ago

Thanks for the positive feedback. We endeavor to target only those businesses that richly deserve the attention of the statewide Consumer Protection Division. If you have been harmed by the business practices of Transmasters Towing then please be helpful and visit our website at to fill out a complaint form. Or call 800.432.2310 and ask us to send you one via snail mail. For Attorney General Phill Kline and against deceptive and unconscionable business practices, I am Bryan J. Brown, Consumer Protection Chief.

samsnewplace 12 years, 4 months ago

Go get him AG, then start looking into the other tow companies in this City because they aren't far behind him. Does anyone govern their pricing? It would seem most all of them charge whatever they feel like it and they get by with it. This is long over-due and my hats off to you AG.

avhjmlk 12 years, 4 months ago

$275 for towing 1,500 feet is unbelievable! I had to be towed from my apartment complex near KUMed in KCK (due to a crapped-out timing belt) to the filling station we were familiar with at 75th and Mission (probably 3+ miles), and the charge was $60. THAT was a bite, considering our finances at the time, so I can't even imagine paying nearly 3 bills for a quarter-mile tow!

nomorebobsplease 12 years, 4 months ago

Fortunately I subscribe to AAA and have never had an issue with paying for towing-I only paid 50$ to get towed to Lawrence from Ottawa. A while back when my car died in an intersection, an officer arrived and offered to call for a tow truck. I declined (AAA on the way) but asked about how they do that and was told they just use a list of names and just go to the next company each time. Sounded OK to me at the time but apparently some folks got shafted

Horatio 12 years, 4 months ago

Thank you for doing this. I am a pretty mellow guy who doesn't get angry about much, but these guys take the cake. I was towed about 7 years ago by Transmasters. My car broke down, I walked home to call for help, when I returned in an hour, it was towed. (10 pm), I showed up at Transmasters at 9am the next day (11 hours total). They charged me for 2 day storage, special charge for all wheel drive (they dragged my car onto their flatbed, wheels not turning), and towage fee. Cost me just under $300. They would not take credit card or local check. Cash only. They were kinda smug about the whole thing.
One word of caution, if they have some other towing company owner as a witness in civil court to say that their fees are legit and reasonable, make sure you look at how close their relationship/freindship is. These people are crooks and need to burn.

ku_1bbfan 12 years, 4 months ago

This company has been scamming people for years. He will charge whatever he wants. If he knows that your insurance company is paying, he will charge at least triple the amount.

Jamesaust 12 years, 4 months ago

I once had a vehicle towed from KCMO to Lawrence. I don't remember the exact charge but it was less than $100.

samsnewplace 12 years, 4 months ago

The AG's office now has a consumer protection antitrust division for those of us who have been taken by bad businesses. I urge anyone who has had problems with a bad business and know they were wronged to contact the above office and phone number listed in post by DeputyAG at 7:45am. They are working for me, and they are working for all of us.

galfromku 12 years, 4 months ago

If I need any towing done, I call Jayhawk. Jerry is an honest business man!

CanadianPassport 12 years, 4 months ago

Horatio, I had the exact same experience. I was towed at 11pm and picked up my car the next morning from TransgenderMasters and was also charged for two days of storage (No offense to any transgendered people; I'm totally cool with that). Anyway, I think these guys should also be investigated for eating their customers, judging by their appearance. Is cutting their hands off out of the question, by the way?

lonesome_breeze 12 years, 4 months ago

Kufan2005 and Towtruck1, your posts are both dubious in content and in timing. It's clear that towtruck1 is no doubt a Transmaster employee or raasch himself. Kufan_2005 you seem to have an intimate knowledge of the towtruck community.(Im thinking also a Transmaster employee or Raasch) You also seem to have very bad luck. "I have had my car towed several times by Transmaster towing" Just what kind of hunk of junk, broken down BMW do you drive? Facts are facts. Transmasters business practices are unethical. If not why the AG lawsuit?

Tammy Copp-Barta 12 years, 4 months ago

Baille, neopolss - I don't believe I read anywhere in the article that the Lawrence Police Department was involved .. that was the Kansas Highway Patrol .. so can't understand why you would thrown in the LPD .. they are different agencies.

Kevin's been screwing people forever .. he was a jerk, liar and cheat clear back in high school and I'm not surprised to read that he is worse now.

rousseau108 12 years, 4 months ago

ah yes lets blame the lpd for something completely unrelated to them. the city uses hillcrest as its contracted tow company, the only reason TM ever gets called out is when the lpd requests a "nonpreference" tow on behalf of a property owner or vehicle owner who has no preference for tow company, and TM is the next on the list. it's not lpd's fault, they have to put all the companies on a rotating list (and not tell someone to request anyone but TM) or else they'd be guilty of special treatment, and then the city watchdogs would really have a heyday.

topflight 12 years, 4 months ago

Baille, Neopolss, you 2 are absolute FOOLS. KHP, LPD, getting a cut. You think a couple hundred dollars here and there are going to make a difference in these large agencies. Think about it, those are absolutely a couple of the dumbest statements if have seen on here. Maybe you should do some research and know something before you run at your mouth. For your information and this is an actual fact there are 3 ways to get a tow truck. #1 There is a rotating list at dispatch for the agencies and that is what they follow. However many tow companies are on that list whether there are 2 companies or 10 companies, it continues down the list. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. If a tow truck is needed at 7:00am and #2 is up on the list, that means number three is next, and so on. (DO YOU GET IT) #2 Some agencies around the state have contracts with certain tow companies in their area, this cuts down on the wasted time, and practices such as Transmasters. This is practice for some agencies who are in small areas there may be only one two company. And #3, listen up, this trumps #1 and #2. Tell the officer what company you want. If you want Hillcrest, or A&M, that is what you get. An officer cannot say what company you are going to get. And reread the article, the Kansas Highway Patrol were the ones documenting these practices here it is again. "Watson said the complaint was filed after Kline's office received a file of information the Kansas Highway Patrol had collected about TransMasters since the late 1990s. The company, founded in 1989, often responds to requests for tows on the Kansas Turnpike, which is policed by the patrol" So get off the KHP, LPD, DGSO, they are the ones that documented this stuff and were the ones who filed reports by those who thought they were wrongly charged. Get your facts straight.

lonesome_breeze 12 years, 4 months ago

Topflight..I could have not have stated it more cogently. You are most certainly a well informed individual. Fools such as Neopools and Baiile never miss a chance too attack the LPD. They are uniformed and are loony conspiracy theorist. I think it is deplorable that crooks such as Raasch take advantage of people when they are at their most vulnarable. People can't function without their vehicles and he is a pirate and a pillager. This investigation by the Ag's office is long overdue and I hope they break it off in him.

bigfoot 12 years, 4 months ago

Just to inform the public!! I recently had to be towed from the Walmart store at 33rd and Iowa to the North side of town! I called a few services and the cheapest I found was "University Tow and Recovery" They said the charge is "$35.00 anywhere in town"! I took the trip with the driver at no extra cost! I had a chance to visit with the driver, which was a clean cut young man, who repeatedly called me Sir . I was informed that the vehicle he was using was purchased for approximately $75,000.00, he also informed me that the truck pays about $7,500.00 a year for insurance and approximately $1,000.00 a month for maintenance, so it can be licensed with the Kansas Department Of Transportation! Unpon arrival my car was unloaded and the bill was $35.00 I don't know who the owner of the company is , All I can say is Thank-you!!!! I feel I recieved one HELL-OF-A-DEAL!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

METALQ2 12 years, 4 months ago

Randy, are u really Bigfoot? Also I know for a fact, Raasch was and may still be living with a female LPD officer. ??????????????????????????????????????//

towtruck1 12 years, 4 months ago

Hey bigfoot that fine young man that towed your car may have very well been there driver that has an OUI.That truck that he would have been driving may have cost 55,000.00 but not no 75,000.00 and if so he may want to talk to the A/G himself.I think he mught have gotten screwed.I would say that their insurance maybe 10,000.00 for there two trucks a year.Hey metalQ2 who really cares who that raasch guy lives with,and hell who no's maybe you are really Robert Gillmore and you live on the damn street.are you still looking for Dillons.galfromku if you want you can call jerry at jayhawk from 8to5 but if your car breaks down after that you had better call jerry at hillcrest,they will send the same guy's in the same trucks to help you out.If you don't have a car and you put .50cents in the T-Bus and it breaksdown they will most likely call TransMasters and get it back to the shop.I was out at the longhorn steakhouse the other night and transMasters was changing a tire on one of those T-busses in the middle of the street.lonesome_breeze is that when you are by yourself passing gas.

TASZAR 12 years, 4 months ago

Is this where I report price gouging? Hey A.G. I had to switch to Geico because Shelter costed me $412.00 more a year. When can I collect MY $10,000? I don't feel like I should have to work to pay my insurance bill.

towtruck1 12 years, 4 months ago

Hey TASZAR I will bet that old Charle Bryan Brown will be right over to give you your check. You must have saved 15% in just fifteen minutes.

KUFAN_2005 12 years, 4 months ago

BIGFOOT, Just because you call the CHEAPEST tow company in tow does not mean you have called the best!!! Cheap is not always better as you should have learned in life. I have had my car towed several times by Transmasters Towing! They were very quick to respond, honest people and I trust them with my vehicles. I would still recommend Transmasters to anyone I know. There are several tow companies in town and here are a few examples of things I have noticed from living in Lawrence well over 30 years. Hillcrest Wrecker has been around for a long time. Jerry Taylor is a very nice man. However, look at his employee turn over rate. He can not keep help, his workers are inexperienced, but overall Jerry is a nice person. Quality Tow, well, they run there office out of there home in north Lawrence. Drive by that place sometime, it looks very, very TRASHY, and the drivers, they all look very dirty. A and M towing, I am not very familar with this company, but driving by there lot and office almost daily (I am a north Lawrence resident) there drivers are gross looking and there trucks are on jacks most of the time. It also takes them a long time to get fixed because the owner has no money to repair his trucks. (I don't think I would want my BMW towed by one of them, do you?) Bulldog tow, started out a secuirty business, said, "Hey, I can make money towing, let's do that..." and now he is towing. No longer in the security business. I see ad's in the paper a lot for Bulldog tow seeking employees, University Tow, that is a joke of an operation. They rent a lot in north Lawrence, who knows where there office is?? Do they even have an office? It is so easy for these companies to start running, because they buy 1 or 2 CHEAP trucks and start trying to run a tow business out of there home or their TRAILER (MAYBE)? Maybe all businesses should be ran out of our homes, and then we would not have to be bothered by everyone else thinking they are getting screwed by everyone else.....

lunacydetector 12 years, 4 months ago

isn't geico also related to progressive insurance that is owned by omaha's own billionaire warren buffett who also owns nebraska furniture mart? or, maybe i'm wrong about progressive.

TASZAR 12 years, 4 months ago

I think you hit the nail on the head lunacydetector, but I think it was a women who started NFM. And I think I need to file a new complaint, switching took me longer than 15 minutes. False advertisement.

Any one want to borrow my 91 Honda Civic to drive into a wall or high water? I think I have learned how to pay for my loan.

Hey, someone parked in MY spot! BRB

Devon Kissinger 12 years, 4 months ago

University & Hillcrest are the only companies I use. I've dealt with all the others at some point in my career (auto repair) in Lawrence. I've seen some really outlandish tow bills from all the others, and to be fair, some were very reasonable. One vehicle was towed to my shop 2 weeks ago with a flat tire from 17th & Kentucky, the bill was $120! This was not Hillcrest or University. I can always count on consistency with the 2 I've mentioned. The guys at University are great. Very respectful of other people's property and quick to respond. They have my confidence. The folks at Hillcrest are just as good as University albeit a bit more expensive but just as worthy of my business. Just 2 cents from an old broken down auto mechanic, LOL.

Devon Kissinger 12 years, 4 months ago

BTW, a rollback towtruck starts at about $50k for a nice used one. Anybody have any real ideas about what it costs to keep insurance on a business like that? I've a pretty good idea, based on my experience in the auto repair field. $10k a year just on the work we do, then we insure the building, inventory, equipment. It gets expensive quick. KDOT licensing on top of that and you've got alot of money tied up just starting in the business. Add fuel costs, (anybody priced diesel fuel lately?) maintenance, equipment repair, payroll & employee benefits, & etc. It kinda makes a fellow want to look for another job. Then add the unfriendly, unhappy customer, dirty work, bad weather conditions, hazardous to life & limb work conditions, you get the picture. I've never run a tow truck, worked in the towing industry, or pretended to, nor do I want to. Those of you that want to bash on the good ones should stop & think, what if these guys all up and quit. 2 more cents from an old broken down auto mechanic.

towtruck1 12 years, 4 months ago

hey colt45 you say a nice used rollback starts 50k and that you use univesity. well you should probaly no that you can buy that truck for around 55k brand new.some one on here said that they do a 1000.00 maint. per month and yet they don't do enough work for that kinda maint.working on car's/pickup's and having some kind of garage keepers insurance is not all that bad.The insurance on hand tools is another thing.Their are only two companys in all of Douglas Co. That do towing on a large scale Hillcrest and TransMasters and when and if you as a company can ever step up to the plate it will put you in to the next level in the insurance ring.I happen to no that TransMasters tows alot of busses an some that cost 750,000.00 to 1,000,000.00. Some people don't relize that a tractor trailer loaded with meat can gross 100,000,00.I would say alot of time the comidity will be worht more that the truck and trailer.The shorts of this whole matter is that people are just not educated.2cents from a really good tow truck operater.Iwill be back later.

barelygettingby 12 years, 4 months ago

I have very little respect for Hillcrest either. Most of those drivers have very little, if any, experience, and they have also started to be like Transmaster's by jumping calls that another co has already been called for. They also have been known to overcharge on calls, and still claim to be able to "justify" the charges. I guess when you 3 times or more than anyone else, you would be the only companies who can afford to run the "big trucks". But hey, I think you need to use a dictionary, I had a hard time even being able to read your posts, Raasch.

barelygettingby 12 years, 4 months ago

And by the way, where do you get off bringing an innocent citizen like robert gilmore into this. He doesn't have a home, let alone a car, so he would never even be in need of a tow of any kind. I just love people like you who think you are better than everyone else, and pick on people who have nothing and want nothing to do with you. Get a life, and quit ripping people off.

towtruck1 12 years, 4 months ago

Hey barelygettingby if I can help let me no or come on by and maybe we can put you to work,if you don't have any experience we can train.I don't no why you think I should get a life I have one and enjoy it as well.Maybe you don't need a dictionary but I don't either because I don't think I could make any money with it. I will stick with driving a truck.I realize Robert won't need a tow and maybe you don't have a car either or maybe you can't afford one but if you do give us a call and will see if we can help you out.good luck in this tuff world.

barelygettingby 12 years, 4 months ago

Don't let names/appearances fool you. The sign on does not equal the person. If things were always as they seemed, then maybe all those trucks sitting on your lot would mean you were actually out towing a lot, but that's not quite the case, since they never seem to move from one spot. You talk about other companies not having many trucks or very expensive ones, bu ounds like they do not have as much overhead and so they do not have to rip people off to pay their bills. Actually, I have a very good job, and a very nice car that won't need to be towed any time soon. And trust me, there is NOTHING you could do to help my life. Crooks have absolutely nothing going for them, and only bring other people down. Misery loves company. And I'm glad you mentioned how the dictionary would not help you make money, b/c isn't that exactly what it comes down to- GREED? You don't do anything that doesn't make you more money than it's worth. You talk about other people not being educated. Obviously people who are educated can earn a good living without ripping everyone else off, unlike you. I learned the difference between right and wrong at a very early age, so I would go without a job before I would work for someone who is so obviously lacking in morality and ethics. You can't put a price on self-respect.

barelygettingby 12 years, 4 months ago

And BTW kufan_2005- the most expensive is not always the best either. For example, name brand does not usually have better quality than generics like Wal-Mart and Aldi.

KUFAN_2005 12 years, 4 months ago

barleygettingby, I understand that the most expensive is not always the best, but I will also tell you the low man that comes in and starts a tow business is always going to be the cheapest and usually have the most inexperience. You can call ANY tow company in this town and they will always try and "get the customers business." If a person is mad at one tow company and they call the other tow company and ask what they would charge in a certain "tow situation" (which let me remind you, what the customer says is usually no where near what the situation was...) the "other company" is always going to shoot a much lower price to look good. When in fact, in real life, REALITY, they would never charge that low of a price and if they did, they probably can not even afford to put fuel in their truck or keep insurance current. And by the way, there are some things name brand that you just can't cheat on....

towtruck1 12 years, 4 months ago

barelygettingby go out and drive a truck for break even no thanks. Drive a truck for profit sure.You have no idea of what you are talking about,you have no facts and no experience.You have no idea of when a truck moves or what it is doing.We do so much more than all the rest of the towing companys combined and it may be something for 50.00 or something for a 1000.00. we make a plenty of trips out west to pick up busses,Denver,Salina,Manhatton,Hays,Jct City and sometimes they go to KC and many times to St Louis.Their happen to be a semi trailer sitting in our lot right now that had about 2300.00 worth of work done.Who ever it is that you made some comment about there BMW well I have to tell you that those cars have a real good warranity and they have no dealer here in town .But here is the deal if I call my BMW road side assistance and tell them my car won't start or that it stalls they will send a tow truck to pick it up and tow to sunflower in topeka or Baron in Kc once it gets there they will most likely check it out and call me with a report.Now at this time I will tell them I need the oil changed and the tire balanced and so on and when it is done all I have to do is get a ride to pick it up.Hope this helps you understand.The lady with the BMW is by the way a great customer and seeing how she drives a 74,000.00 car I would only guess she can afford a tow. I happen to tow the first baseman for the KC royal's a few weeks ago and he ask me at first if I followed baseball and I said not really and he seemed kinda hurt then that was when I found out he played for the royals and I really can't even remember his name, maybe Mark or Mike Swanney sorry about the spelling that is not one of my stronger points but I think you do pretty good getting the picture anyhow.The one thing that I aam sure of is all truck are expensive junk or other wise,new or old it all gose hand in hand.You can not tell your car when it will need to be towed as we tow a plenty of new cars.I am glad you like your job I like my job as well that is why I got up at 2:26 am and towed a car from an OUI.Thanks for your replie I will try to take it all in.

Jobezma_7327 12 years, 4 months ago

I am the mother of one of the victims and was there throughout the lies and shady acts of Transmasters. I own my own business and am very familiar with the "rotation" the sheriff's dept. explained......why is transmasters on that rotation----STILL....I know I would have been eliminated from the rotations in my industry G after a single mistake, maybe 2, if the First mistake was corrected. Not with Transmasters I am with many of the other persons who commented---this investagation needs to expand------why are the police referring to this company? Is a particular dispatcher involved? I know of 4 incidences and ALL victims were black. In my daughters case, the police are the ones who called either dispatch or Transmasters directly. Some how they have been ALLOWED to screw people over royally.

towtruck1 12 years, 3 months ago

Because they do good work and are knowledgeable of there job and are really not all that differant from the rest of the towing companys on the rotation.I will bet that if the people that have all these claims were to have to pay a 10,000.00 dollar fine then they would be willing to tell the truth.We fear nothing.Yes when thanksgiving rolls around we will be here to come get you and your family rain snow freezing ice or what ever the ocasion.Yes when christmas get here we will once again be here to come to your assistance,snow,ice freezing rain or what ever.We do lots of good work for lots of good people everyday 24/7. I believe that last christmas or thanksgiving I was out working on a bus so that the people on it would be able to get home. Please Lady come on tell the damn truth.

jhawkfan05 12 years, 3 months ago

i will be glad when it is all over with this company is going under when today all his trucks were sitting and not moving like all the other ones. One of these days he will learn his lesson. To bad it is not happening to him. One of these days he will need a tow and i hope some one puts it in him and breaks it off like he has done to everyone else in this town!!!!!!!!!!!

towtruck1 12 years, 3 months ago

He will learn his lesson and it won't be anytime soon.We do more than just tow cars and pickups. Just last week we went up to olathe and set a end dump trailer back up.Friday night we went to rockport MO. and pickup a greyhound,a school bus for oaski school dis. and on an on.Jayhawk fan you worry about the jayhawks and I will worry about the towing.we ill both be happy in the end.One of these days it will snow get cold or get slick out and we will be packing them in one right after another.

Jobezma_7327 12 years, 3 months ago

Mr. Transmasters Owner is obviously not reading one word of what is written and just continues to ramble about the "good" he does-----you addressed NOTHING I commented about sir, or have you given any direct answers to anyone......a ten thousand dollar fine generally doesn't happen to "Good" people or even abusive people----it happens to fraudulent persons, sir, discriminatory, fraudulent persons. If you were so honest and had any pride in your work, the constant over justification of yourself would stop-----what you've done to these people is disgusting and deserves severe punishment.

jhawkfan05 12 years, 3 months ago

Just last week we went up to olathe and set a end dump trailer back up.Friday night we went to rockport MO. and pickup a greyhound,a school bus for oaski school dis.


towtruck1 12 years, 3 months ago

Just maybe you don't no how many trucks we have or maybe you just plain don't no what the hell you are talking about at all.I hope if you get stuck in the snow you don't callfor our services I am sure that as a driver that I would not want to deal with your ass in the cab of a truck and I hpoe who ever you call it takes them for ever to get to you.We may no be the top dog as you call it but we sure can do more than any one else in this town bar none.I do understand and have more facts than you so I guess we will as I am not worried.We do plenty of work and just because a truck is sitting dosen't mean a whole lot as every other company has trucks sitting as well.We don't go out and run our trucks at break even prices or at a loss.We will keep up the great work and good luck to yourself.

jhawkfan05 12 years, 3 months ago

Boy the snow is falling BEWARE OF HIGH TOW BILLS!!! Jobezma_7327 sorry to hear about your experience hopefully we wont have to worry about him much longer!!!

towtruck1 12 years, 3 months ago

Hey jhawkfan05 wasn't the snow and slick stuff just great.I don't no where it came from but all of a sudden it was here.BOOM. I-70 was like a sheet of glass in spots.Their was even one guy that was ejected from his car and it took the ambalance for ever to get there.We are still trying to get caught up and it is coming along pretty well.There sure were alot of cars wrecked.Hope you had a great thanksgiving mine was good.

KUFAN_2005 12 years, 3 months ago

towtruck1, As a dedicated customer I am glad to hear that you were very busy last evening and still today! I am sure you and your co-workers treated all your customers very well! I am sure you were out doing the calls that other companies did not have the experience to do or man power. Me on the other hand, I was smart and stayed at home while the snow was blowing and did not need to call on your assistance this time! I have not read this post for a few weeks and it seems that mr jhawkfan 05 has no clue about your company or the tow business. Above he says, "hopefully we won't have to worry about him much longer..." He better be hoping for a miracle because as a long time customer I am sure you have the situation under control! Keep up the good work Transmasters!

jhawkfan05 12 years, 3 months ago

KUFAN_2005 will glad you have trust in him. And by the way yes i do know about the towing business will not say how but know it real well. And towtruck1 yes i do not what happened out on I-70 yes i do know that there was a person ejected from the vehicle i do have a scanner i listen to so i know what is going on out there. So i know who gets called to the accidents and who bad so sad!!!!!!!!!

KUFAN2005 12 years, 3 months ago

Ive used Hillcrest for ever and will cont.. there employees are nice and they have clean trucks and Jerry is a great person. so i would tow with hillcrest way over any other tow company.

KUFAN_2005 12 years, 3 months ago

LJW----Wouldn't you think that the person that is using KUFAN2005 is a little to close to my user name??? I do not feel they should be be allowed to do that. They must want to be like me???? KUFAN2005--Don't you think you could have come up with a different username instead of copying someone else. I am glad you like Hillcrest. So do I. Jerry is a nice man from what I know. But TRANSMASTERS is still # 1 and will always be!

barelygettingby 12 years, 3 months ago

There goes the dedicated broke-down-BMW customer again. I really feel for you driving such an expensive car and paying so many expensive tow bills. Maybe you should think about getting a Toyota or a Honda- granted they are not the most expensive, but boy, they sure do last longer and have a lot less problems than your BMW seems to have. And speaking of man-power, I am pretty sure those TM trucks sit on the lot so much b/c there are only, what, 2 or 3 people who drive those TM trucks, the owner and his faithful customer's husband. HMMM... talk about manpower, guess that's why they charge so much- to make up for how many calls they could run otherwise.Isn't that what you are trying to say about the other companies?

KUFAN_2005 12 years, 3 months ago

barelygettingby---You must be barelygettingby, because you obviously have no life responding on this site at 5:46 a.m. Or maybe you should try getting a better job rather then working for University or Bulldog tow. If you were working for someone else, you would probably be doing more then just "barelygettingby." Just to make you feel better, I am not married, so I am just a customer not married to any of the workers. You seem to know a whole lot about Transmasters or at least you think you do. Maybe you should go visit them and learn the facts. Your post makes no sense. I can drive whatever I want to drive, that is why we live in a free country. BMW has a very good roadside assistance program, and I do not pay high tow bills. Maybe you should refer back to my post on Novermber 11th. A lot of other companies have trucks sitting on there lot also. Go drive by A and M. They are located over here in North Lawrence. They have trucks sitting on there lot because the owner is to broke to fix them......It has been my pleasure informing you of everything...

barelygettingby 12 years, 3 months ago

From what I see, you have not informed anyone of anything- only tried to defend yourself. I don't work for any tow company-but yes, I do know a lot about most of them.

KUFAN2005 12 years, 3 months ago

a&m is and quality and transmasters are the only tow companys that always have trucks sitting i always see Hillcrest, Bulldog and Unversity trucks towing cars and the other day i was going down k-10 and i saw a&ms blue ford wrecker in the middle and it looked like those dollie things they have broke and fell apart and by the way why would somebody drive a tow truck with pink flames...(GAY)... if any body has seen that new hillcrest truck i saw it at a ku football game it has a jay-hawk on the front it looks good........

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