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Eudora bust yields guns and drugs

November 5, 2005


When officers burst into a home in Eudora this week serving a drug search warrant, they weren't expecting to find an AK-47 assault rifle, a sawed-off shotgun and a bulletproof vest.

"I think they were totally shocked," Eudora Police Chief Greg Dahlem said Friday.

The Eudora officers, with help from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, ended up arresting a 22-year-old man who lives in the home on Ithaca Court.

"What the officers found was a little larger than they expected," Dahlem said. "I think that this particular individual, for a town the size of Eudora, he was prepared."

Police had been investigating the man, identified as Dustin E. Stoneking, for about four weeks after receiving a tip from the community about suspicious activity, Dahlem said. They served a search warrant Thursday evening and seized items from the home including prescription drugs, marijuana, methamphetamine, scales, cash, at least five smoking pipes, and an instruction book on how to roll joints.

Gero, the county's drug-sniffing dog, assisted during the search of the home.

Stoneking was charged Friday in District Court with possessing morphine, drug paraphernalia, and the prescription drugs oxycodone and hydrocodone, but with no charges related to firearms or the other drugs. Dist. Atty. Charles Branson said he expected to file more charges in the case but that he could only file what he had paperwork to substantiate on Friday.

"If we didn't charge what we had at the time, he would have been released without anything" being filed, Branson said.

District Court Judge Stephen Six set Stoneking's bond at $2,500, the amount requested by prosecutors, and set his next court date for Wednesday.


baby_girl 12 years, 4 months ago

I am a little wary of the comments being posted by some others on here about 'commie' but Stoney isn't any kind of rebel. When you come from Eudora, what else are you supposed to do? Is Eudora so slow that they don't pay attention to stuff like this happening everyday in that town? I grew up there and graduated from school there, alongside with Stoney. He isn't a bad person, that town is. The cops, wow, what can i say? They're just as crooked as the ones here in Lawrence. Don't be so judgemental, people. Some of you breed society to be this way.

Glen Moore 12 years, 4 months ago

Addictive personality lives???? OK, This was an opinion on the decussion board yesterday about this story, I repeated my view again today so it will be read. now that this can of worms is open. We sell cigarettes, coffee, pop, and beer like it was water. I know several people who have a worse addiction to cigarettes then most people have to marijuana. How do you judge addiction? Sunday Night football? Nascar? Coffee in the morning? or just needing to forget about your Boss and all your headachs and smoking a "homemade cig." As a happy to be clean reformed drug addict I know the life and how low you can go. I live a good life as a father of 3 and have a stable community life ( I might even be your neighabor ) Meth .... Yep its a terrible thing and its years and memories one can't take back or forget. Pot ..... Ok I guess you can judge it just beacuse one meth addict uses it .... but I bet he or she drinks pop or smokes ciggeretts or beer, dose that make them bad too? if so why do we sell them. Theres more prominate high socity people smoking Marijuana then you could imagine. Drooling??? I dont know a whole lot of smokers that drool, but ok. I wouldn't want a dealer living next to me at all, and thats speaking from experiance, SO Good job to the police for getting another looser off the streets. But all the "huff and puff" over this whole Marijuana controversy is just an opinion which your intitled, but "addictive personalities live" is a very STRONGE word ment for so many personalities. I mean after all beer isn't a can of "Red Bull" either, and you left that out of your speach. Yes I am clean for 5 years now.... its amazing what kids will do to ya. Bottom line don't judge one substance just beacuse some bad seeds use the same product as many other good seeds do. To all have a good "addictive personalities live."

Glen Moore 12 years, 4 months ago

It sounds like so many people speak from experiance in this situation.... Commie. HAAH I think God every day I live in a country that allows everyone there own opinion in all matters ... And if you dont need to see it then why read it? I guess it would be a freedom of yours to do so and then write against it. And if you would read into the comment I never said legilize POT. And how would you know Marijuana always leads to harder drugs? Do you your self need to use your cell phone to call for some rehabilitation assistance? How many times have you used your cell phone while driving down the road? I also never said it was ok to be stoned and drive. Last thing .... Explain the whole idea behind a bar or a pub! A place where you drive to to consume alcohol and then what? How many cars you see parked in the lot after hours? Once again I never said Legalize Pot (read much?) I was stating my opinion on generalizing Pot because society deems it illegal. Once alcohol was also illegal and now its not. Go figure. Ok now I will go and get in my car use my cell phone and call some friends to see if they want to go to the bar. So have a very tasteful day to all the people that have no addictions.

raven 12 years, 4 months ago

Being a Eudora girl myself, I graduated, grew up, blah,blah, blah. There is no reason to have all that stuff and it is not the cops fault he was breaking the law. Yes I remember him too.

drugsnatcher 12 years, 4 months ago

Baby Girl, obviously your name fits really well. If your that blind to think that someone who sells methamphetamines and other illicit narcotics isn't a "bad person" you need to open your eye's. If you think the law enforcement in this town is slow, why don't you step up and join in the fight since you think it is so easy. The comment you made "when you come from Eudora, what else are you suppose to do", how ignorant of a remark was that!!! How about get a job, go to work and make an honest living. Why should the hard working citizens have to pay unemployment to some dirtbag that sit's on his butt all day leaching off of society. But then again, he's not a bad guy, right? And the crooked cop remark, if you have so much evidence of this why don't you show some proof so it can be taken care of. Since you have so much knowledge of law enforcement, i'd love to sit down with you to hear how you get all your bogus information.

BOE 12 years, 4 months ago

Geez, as if the scales-dope-sawed-off combo wasn't enough, and then have to live down this embarrassment.

"...and an instruction book on how to roll joints."

In a world that has much hunger, disease, and lack of opportunity and freedom, I guess we need to remind ourselves what a stifling, limited, and "nothin' to do" proposition it is to be 22, free, and American.

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