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Special service

May 12, 2005


To the editor:

Just after 9 a.m. Friday morning, I happened into Marks Jewelers. After entering through the back door, I came to discover that the store doesn't officially open until 9:30. The owner was vacuuming, and the employees were setting the necklaces and rings back in their display cases for the day.

Realizing my error, I offered to return later in the day. They asked me what I needed, which was a replacement back for a pair of inexpensive, but precious, amethyst earrings my husband gave me before we were married. Instead of asking me to leave, an employee took my earrings into the back room, found a matching back and even cleaned them for me (which was wonderful, because they had gotten very dirty in the small coin compartment in my car where I put them when the earring back was originally lost). First-class treatment for a mere $2.68!

The whole exchange lasted less than 10 minutes. I'm sure they could have prepared the store for the day's sales faster if I hadn't interrupted them. However, it is experiences like mine that remind us all how special downtown Lawrence is, and how much our small, locally owned businesses contribute to the community. I don't live in Lawrence anymore, but as a Lawrence native, Kansas University alumna and current student, my love for Lawrence has been reaffirmed. All I can say is, "Thanks."

Aidan Loveland Koster,

Kansas City, Kan.

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