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Murray proclaims innocence, but sentenced to life in prison

May 6, 2005


A Kansas State University English professor convicted of murdering his ex-wife stood up in court today at his sentencing and called the case against him "a fairy tale."

"I have never raised my hand in anger against anyone, not ever," professor Thomas E. Murray said to a silent, standing-room-only courtroom in Douglas County District Court.

He said jurors reached their guilty verdict at trial beyond a "so-called 'reasonable doubt.'" Responsibility for Carmin D. Ross' brutal stabbing and beating death, he said, has been "neatly packaged and laid on my doorstep."

"I cannot accept delivery," he said.

Judge Robert Fairchild then sentenced Murray to the amount of time required under Kansas law for first-degree murder: life in prison with no parole eligibility for 25 years. He has 10 days to appeal.

Family members of victim Carmin D. Ross said they weren't surprised by Murray's speech, although they'd hoped he would accept responsibility.

"He has no feeling. He has no emotions," Ross' father, Danny Ross, said.

Before Murray's remarks, members of Carmin Ross' family gave speeches describing her loving, peaceful nature and their good times with Murray. Their memories of him are now ruined, they said.

"I miss you, or who you were," Ross' sister Heather Bowman said. "As much as Carmin died that day, you died, too."

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