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Weseman can’t predict what will happen next

March 31, 2005


The superintendent of Lawrence public schools said Wednesday he wasn't about to predict what would be the next step in the school funding debate.

"Now the drama of school finance goes to the Supreme Court," Randy Weseman said. "It's anybody's guess how the Supreme Court is going to react to what the Legislature says."

Weseman spoke at a "Talk of the Town" forum at the Lawrence Public Library sponsored by the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce.

If adopted into law, the school plan approved by the Legislature could provide up to $3 million to Lawrence schools, Weseman said. He said he thought most of that money would go to salary increases, not restoring programs cut during recent years with lean budgets.

"When 86 percent of your budget goes to salaries and benefits, you can imagine where most of this new money is going to go," Weseman said.

"It's going to go to people. A lot of the programs we've cut we're not going to put back."

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