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Filibuster right

March 31, 2005


To the editor:

I am writing this letter to voice my concerns over the changes in process in the judicial appointments to the Supreme Court. The extreme right is trying to overturn the right to filibuster. It seems whatever Americans' personal differences are about the issues, all citizens could agree that we want fair and just people who are approved by a majority of the political figures that we, the citizens, elect.

If the right to filibuster is destroyed, then there is nothing holding back the extreme from appointing judges who support their causes before our Constitution. If the right to filibuster is eliminated, for the first time in history the president and his party would have ultimate power over all three branches of government. If you share many of Bush's views, maybe right now this sounds OK, but what about if Clinton wanted to destroy that right?

If you couldn't support destroying the right to filibuster both brought to head by Bush or Clinton then it is clear you don't support it at all. So, I call out to the senators and citizens: Now it is time to speak up. After all, the Supreme Court appointment is for life and the Constitution is for the life of America. It will take 51 senators voting against this change to keep our right to filibuster. Cast your vote for what is just. Stand Up!

Mijanou Cackler,


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