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Three special hunts set at Parsons ammo plant

March 27, 2005


The Kansas Army Ammunition Plant, near Parsons, will conduct three special-opportunity hunts on the facility's 13,727 acres.

Here are the limited opportunities:

Archery (25 hunters) -- All hunters must be at least 16 years old and have successfully completed a hunter-education course. All hunters are required to attend a pre-hunt safety-security briefing Sept. 29.

Any hunter who fails to attend the briefing will not be allowed to hunt. All installation, hunt rules, and questions will be addressed at that time. Successful applicants must pay a $50 federal access fee. The hunt will run Oct. 1 to Nov. 30.

Hunters must use a recurve, long bow or compound bow. Crossbows are not allowed. Hunters may harvest no more than two does and one buck, but must harvest an adult doe (not a fawn) prior to harvesting a buck. Hunters must have hunting license and appropriate deer permits. Game tags are allowed.

Applicants may apply in pairs, and applications must include hunt preference (archery), full name, driver's license number, social security number, birth date, address and phone number on a postcard or 3x5 index card.

Applications should be addressed to Commander's Representative, KSAAP, ATTN: SJMKS-NR, 23018 Rooks Rd., Parsons, KS 67357. The deadline is Aug. 19.

Muzzleloader (20 hunters) -- Rules are the same as above except that hopefuls must indicate "muzzleloader" on their application instead of archery.

Muzzleloaders must be used. No shotguns or rifles allowed. Hunters may harvest no more than one doe. Game tags are allowed on KSAAP. Hunters are encouraged to harvest an adult doe.

¢ The archery session will be Oct. 1-Nov. 30 and will be open to 25 hunters. All successful applicants must attend a pre-hunt safety-security briefing Sept. 29.¢ Dates for a muzzleloader hunt are Dec. 2-4 and for quail Dec. 16-17. Application deadline is Oct. 28 for both hunts.Source: Wildlife and Parks

The deadline for applications is Oct. 28. The three day antlerless-only hunts will be conducted Dec. 2-4.

Quail Hunt (10 groups with a total of 20 possible hunters) -- Applications are the same as for the other two hunts except "quail" must be on the application. Applicants are encouraged to apply in pairs.

Quail hunters may use dogs and must use a shotgun with bird shot. Hunters may harvest up to the state bag limit on quail. The deadline is Oct. 28. The two-day hunt will be conducted Dec. 16-17.

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