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March 19, 2005


Southwest Junior High School took home the second place overall trophy in the High School Division at the Kansas State Scholastic Invitational Chess Championships on March 12 in Wichita. Free State High School claimed the second place trophy in Class 6A, and Quail Run School garnered the second place trophy in the Elementary Division.

Individually, Quail Run student Keil Eggers finished first in the Elementary Division. Top 10 finishers in the High School Division were Jed Borovik, SWJHS, fourth; Benjy Greenberg, FSHS, eighth; and Thomas Reams, SWJHS, ninth.

Other medal winners in High School were: Sean Stenseng, SWJHS, 17th; Bryce Baringer, FSHS, 26th; Kellen Cross, SWJHS, 28th; Thomas Clark, SWJHS, 36th; Stephen Klamet, SWJHS, 37th; Peter Lesslie, SWJHS, 46th; and Keely Stenseng, SWJHS, 52nd. Central Junior High School student Roy Wedge finished 26th in the Junior High/Middle School Division.

In the Elementary Division, other medal winners were: Alan Shi, Quail Run, 12th; Harrison Helmick, Quail Run, 29th; Garrick Clapp, Quail Run, 37th; Luke Lesslie, Quail Run, 40th; Austin Clapp, Quail Run, 42nd; Kenny Blevins, Wakarusa Valley School, 47th; Hyrum Richardson, Wakarusa Valley, 54th; Cole Reams, Quail Run, 58th; and Cal Young, Wakarusa Valley, 60th.

Players from South Junior High School, Broken Arrow School and Cordley School also competed at the tournament.


Aaron Trent, Lawrence, has received a Presidential Scholarship to attend Hesston College. He is the son of Danny and Dawn Trent.


Thao Uong, Lawrence, made the dean's list for the fall 2004 semester at Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, Miss., by earning at least a 3.5 grade-point average.


Emily Kotay, Wellsville, is a member of the Mount Holyoke Glee Club which gave a benefit concert for the American Red Cross International Tsumani Relief Fund in Nashville, Tenn. She is the daughter of Nancy Ruppenthal, Wellsville, and Ron Kotay, Gladstone, Mo. She is studying anthropology at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Mass.


Nashay Winsley, Lawrence, made honors during the fall 2004 semester at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.


Erica Quinlan and Bryon Revell, both of Lawrence, were honored March 4 in ceremonies after completing a basic training program at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center near Hutchinson. Quinland and Revell are deputies with the Douglas County Sheriff's Department.


The following area Kansas University students have been named 2004-2005 University scholars: Adam Bittlingmayer, Lawrence, son of George and Beth Ann Bittlingmayer; Rachael Costello, Lawrence, daughter of Tom and Francie Costello; Anne McEnroe, Lawrence, daughter of Bruce McEnroe and Michelle Tamburini; Lucas Thompson, Lawrence, son of Todd and Caprice Thompson; and Andrew Becker, Tonganoxie, son of Gene and Debbie Becker.


David and Esla Shirk, Estes Park, Colo., announce the birth of their daughter, Olivia Sue Shirk, born Dec. 31, 2004, in Estes Park, Colo. She has two sisters, Ella and Hilary. Grandparents are Ken and Gloria Miner, Lawrence, and Fred and Linda Shirk, Lawrence.


Lawrence-area players competed in the Southwest Junior High Chess Tournament Feb. 26 at the Kansas Union.

In the K-12 Division, team trophy winners were Southwest Junior High School, first; Free State High School, second; and Eudora High School, third. In the K-8 Division, the winners were: Eudora Middle School, first, and South Junior High School, second. In the K-6 Division, Wakarusa Valley School was first and Quail Run School finished third.

Individually, Jed Borovik, of SWJHS, claimed first in K-12. Other medalists in K-12 were: Jimmy Huggins, Wellsville High School, third; Alan Shi, Quail Run, fourth; Frank Male, Eudora High School, fifth; Thomas Reams, SWJHS, eighth; Bryce Baringer, FSHS, ninth; Sean Stenseng, SWJHS, 10th; Keely Stenseng, SWJHS, 11th; Kellen Cross, SWJHS, 12th; Jason Vitale, FSHS, 13th; Zhennan Lin, SWJHS, 14th; Jerry Wang, SWJHS, 15th; Peter Lesslie, SWJHS, 16th; Roy Wedge, Central Junior High School, 17th; and Jaedeok Bae, SWJHS, 19th.

In the K-8 section, the top Lawrence-area finisher was Joanna Male, of Eudora Middle School, who placed second. Other K-8 medallists were: Kayla Chilcoat, Eudora Middle School, third; Douglas Rawlings, SJHS, fifth; Jessica Newman, SJHS, sixth; Nate McFadden, SJHS, seventh; Adam Schwager, SJHS, eighth; Sonal Chakrasali, SJHS, ninth; Michala Ruder, Cordley School, 10th; Tori Carder, Eudora Middle School, 11th; Carl Peterson, SJHS, 12th; Chase Brecheisen, Eudora Middle School, 13th; Levi Gibbons, Eudora Middle School, 14th; Ben Preheim, SJHS, 15th; Sean Moran, Eudora Middle School, 16th; Erik Russell, Eudora Middle School, 17th; Arianne Suchy, SJHS, 18th; Sam Graham, SJHS, 19th; and Deawnna Montoya, SJHS, 20th.

Top local finisher in the K-6 Division was Kenny Blevins, of Wakarusa Valley, who finished second. Other medal winners were: Garrick Clapp, Quail Run, fourth; Ryan Bellinger, Broken Arrow School, eighth; Luke Lesslie, Quail Run, 10th; Lucas Suchy, Wakarusa Valley, 12th; Cal Young, Wakarusa Valley, 13th; Cole Reams, Quail Run, 17th; Owen McFadden, Wakarusa Valley, 21st; Caleb Borovik, Quail Run, 22nd; Darren Rawlings, Wakarusa Valley, 25th; and Hyrum Richardson, Wakarusa Valley, 29th.


Wakarusa Valley School's Kenny Blevins claimed first place in the K-8 section of the St. Thomas Aquinas Scholastic Chess Tournament March 5 in Olathe.

In team competition, Southwest Junior High School claimed first in K-12 Division, while South Junior High School placed second in K-8, both earning trophies.

Individual medal winners in K-12 were: Sean Stenseng, SWJHS, third; Thomas Clark, SWJHS, fifth; Keely Stenseng, SWJHS, sixth; Roy Wedge, Central Junior High School, 8th; Kellen Cross, SWJHS, ninth; Thomas Reams, SWJHS, 15th; Steven Hamblen, SWJHS, 16th; and Peter Lesslie, SWJHS, 19th.

Besides Blevins, other medal winners in K-8 were: Jessica Newman, SJHS, fourth; Nate McFadden, SJHS, 10th; Adam Schwager, SJHS, 14th; and Sonal Chakrasali, SJHS, 19th.

In K-5, medal winners were: Cole Reams, Quail Run School, sixth; and Hyrum Richardson, Wakarusa Valley, 15th.

K-2 medal winners were: Robert Newman, Wakarusa Valley, fourth; Roscoe Bradt, Cordley School, sixth; and Jonathan Lesslie, Quail Run, ninth.


Dhwani Shah, Lawrence, has been named to the honor roll for the fall 2004 semester at Saint Mary's School in Raleigh, N.C., by earning at least a 3.5 grade-point average. She is the daughter of Naina and Kiran Shah, Lawrence.

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