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Sheriff requests gun purchase

March 16, 2005


Requiring all sheriff's deputies to use the same type of gun and ammunition could mean a cost savings for Douglas County.

"It would reduce the amount and types of ammunition we would have to buy," Commissioner Charles Jones said. "But more importantly, when the deputies are in the field and on the firing range, this could allow for increased safety and efficiency."

Douglas County commissioners will consider a proposal today to spend $59,657 to purchase Glock .40-caliber pistols for all deputies with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. Until now, sheriff's deputies have been required to buy their own handgun from a list of approved weapons.

"Currently, sheriff's office personnel carry 18 different makes and models of handguns, which require five different calibers of ammunition," sheriff's staff wrote.

Sheriff Ken McGovern said the proposal to select a standard handgun for deputies began under former Sheriff Rick Trapp. In addition to savings on ammunition, he said, two deputies are certified to repair Glock handguns.

"I don't have an exact dollar amount for the savings, but I feel like it's pretty substantial," McGovern said.

County commissioners also will discuss the future of county-owned property at 1120 R.I.

Commissioners will meet at 6:35 p.m. in the Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Mass.

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