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In the halls

March 1, 2005


What does it take to make a good song?

Corbin Francisco, sixth-grader, Prairie Park School

"Good rhythm and a nice beat."

Emily Donnell, sixth-grader, Prairie Park School

"It has to have a good beat to get up and start dancing to. It should have good lyrics that rhyme and go with the beat."

Alexis Scheibler, sixth-grader, Prairie Park School

"A good song needs to have a good beat and it has to be rap. The lyrics have to make sense, and it has to make you want to dance."

Jasmine Brown, sixth-grader, Prairie Park School

"The lyrics have to make sense and are best when they are about love. It needs to have at least a little rhythm."

Hunter Scheib, ninth-grader, Southwest Junior High School

"Love is the most important thing. A good song has to be about love."

Tyler Hunt, ninth-grader, SWJHS

"It can't be cheesy. It has to flow. It can't just be words that rhyme. It has to have meaning."

Shelly Wilson, eighth-grader, SWJHS

"It has to mean something to you and have a good beat. It also has to be catchy, and you have to be able to dance to it."

Katie Stites, seventh-grader, South Junior High School

"Lyrics about love, and it has to have a good beat. The lyrics have to make sense and rhyme for the most part."

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