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What are you reading?

June 26, 2005


Justin Mosel, Kansas University senior, Lawrence

"'The Horse's Mouth,' by Joyce Cary. I just picked it up off the shelf at random, and it has turned out to be really good from what I've read so far."

Michelle Kearns, teddy bear maker, Wichita

"I just finished 'Ishmael,' by Daniel Quinn. It's about the effects of culture on the world."

Lauren Mauer, KU senior, Lawrence

"'A Devil in the White City,' by Erik Larson. It's a true story about an architect that builds a fair, and how a serial killer lures his victims there to murder them."

Julie Stoltzfus, KU graduate student, Hesston

"'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,' by Ann Brashares. It's about four friends that travel around and send this pair of pants between them that keeps them bonded when they are not together."

Jim Nussbaum, elementary school teacher, Lawrence

"Thomas Frank's 'What's the Matter With Kansas?' It's about how a lot of people in Kansas get tricked into voting for the Republican party for religious reasons and then get hurt by their economic policies."


justinyang 12 years, 9 months ago

justin mosel, can you remenber your chinese frinds, your wrote me ten years ago, I just find you here after googled your name.

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