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June 26, 2005


Engagement quells doubts about Cruise, Holmes

Toledo, Ohio - The giant engagement ring and Eiffel Tower proposal have quelled most doubts in Katie Holmes' hometown about her relationship with Tom Cruise.

It hasn't, though, stopped the squawking about her sudden interest in Scientology, Cruise's religion.

Holmes, 26, graduated from an all-girls Catholic school.

"I wonder what the nuns are thinking now," said Jeanne Meyer, a Toledo native. "I'm surprised she's going so far from her origins."

"Everyone's entitled to their own beliefs," said Karen Rosebrock, a Catholic in Toledo.

Cruise, 42, and Holmes, who went public with their relationship in April, were engaged a week ago in Paris. Earlier this month Holmes said she was taking lessons in the Church of Scientology.

On NBC's "Today" on Friday, Cruise was asked if he could be with someone who doesn't have an interest in Scientology.

"Scientology is something that you don't understand," he told interviewer Matt Lauer. "It's like you could be a Christian and be a Scientologist."

'Law & Order' star gives birth to another girl

Los Angeles - It's another girl for former "Law & Order" star Angie Harmon and her football player husband, Jason Sehorn.

The 32-year-old actress gave birth Wednesday to Avery Grace Sehorn in her hometown of Dallas, publicist Troy Nankin said.

This is the second child for Harmon and Sehorn, 34, a one-time cornerback for the New York Giants. They have a 20-month-old daughter, Finley Faith.

Harmon and her family plan to spend the rest of the summer in Dallas before returning to Los Angeles in the fall, Nankin said. No other details were released.

Harmon will next be seen on screen with Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni in December's "Fun with Dick and Jane," a remake of the 1977 comedy.

'Idol' winner Underwood's single debuts at No. 1

Oklahoma City - American Idol winner Carrie Underwood's first single sold 170,000 copies in its first week, making it the best-selling song so far this year, according to her publicist.

"Inside Your Heaven" debuted at No. 1 on four charts by Billboard magazine - the Billboard Hot 100, the Pop 100, singles sales and country singles sales.

The 22-year-old Underwood made Billboard history as the first country artist to debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100. It's the first time a country song has hit No. 1 since Lonestar's "Amazed" in 2000.

The single won't be released to radio stations for air play until July 5, said publicist Jessie Schmidt in Nashville, Tenn. Underwood is working on her debut album, which is due out this fall.

Detroit to get more bang for Eminem's bucks

Detroit - A huge annual fireworks display is expected to get a fundraising boost from Grammy-winning rapper Eminem.

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, grew up in the Detroit area and lives in suburban Rochester Hills.

"The fireworks are a big part of summertime in Detroit, and I want to support them and the mayor," the rapper said in a statement. "I've come downtown to watch them since I was a kid, and I'll get involved in something that helps the city any way I can."

This year's fireworks had been threatened by a budget dispute. Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick initially threatened to cancel the show, saying budget cuts prevented adequate police presence, but later retracted that threat.

Eminem agreed to perform one song to open a fundraising party on Wednesday after Kilpatrick sought his support for the event, organizers said. About 2,000 tickets are expected to be sold for the $175-a-ticket party, organizers said.

Vanna White going on Hollywood Walk

Los Angeles - There's a new venue for Vanna White's letter turning.

The "Wheel of Fortune" game show star will be unveiling the letters V-A-N-N-A W-H-I-T-E on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year.

She's among the dozens of celebrities who will be enshrined in 2006 with concrete stars along the celebrity sidewalk.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce released on Friday the eclectic list of Walk of Fame recipients, including White, Annette Bening, Matthew Broderick, Holly Hunter, William Hurt, Nathan Lane, Steve Martin, Charlize Theron, Ray Romano, Isaac Hayes and Motley Crue.

"Each name on this list will bring much happiness to our residents and tourists from around the world," Walk of Fame chairman and Hollywood honorary mayor Johnny Grant said.

For Kidman, life's a witch

Los Angeles - Nicole Kidman would love to have a witch's powers for a day - especially when she's having a bad day.

"It's kind of nice to be able to : walk through and blow up the cappuccino machine and make a dog jump into your arms and make him speak in tongues," Kidman told reporters recently, according to AP Radio.

In the new film "Bewitched," an adaptation of the classic TV show, Kidman plays Isabel Bigelow, a blissfully naive (and good) witch who wants to give up her supernatural powers for mundane, suburban, mortal life.

The Oscar-winning actress said she needed two things to help her learn how to twitch her nose as Elizabeth Montgomery had done on the '60s sitcom.

"I needed a mirror. And I needed the slo-mo on the video in the VCR. And I would put her nose in slow motion. And then I would put the mirror and I would try to mimic it."

Kidman also needed help sitting on her broom in a ladylike pose.

"They had a harness. You get a harness on and then they lift it up and you're like flying and you're saying 'Does this look OK?' 'Cross your legs!'"


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