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Health Note

June 26, 2005


Tips for ladder usage

Home repair work is a lot like working out in the gym and the buddy system is the way to go. But if you have to work at home alone on a ladder, here are some tips to help keep you injury-free.

¢ The longer the ladder, the harder it is to control by yourself. To make it easier, first anchor the feet of extension ladders against the base of the building and walk the ladder up to raise it. The wall will keep the ladder from kicking out as it is raised.

¢ To lower the ladder, move the feet back against the building and reverse the process.

¢ Once the ladder is up, extend it while holding it vertical. Anchor the feet with a heavy weight.

¢ To walk the ladder sideways, roll the top end-over-end until you reach the desired spot.

¢ Instead of trying to carry a bucket or can up the ladder, tie a rope around the handle of the bucket or can, and carry the other end of the rope up the ladder. When you reach the top, pull the bucket or can up.

¢ Bend an old wire hanger over the rung of the ladder, and hang the bucket or can from it.


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