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What are you reading?

June 19, 2005


Jennifer Parson, Chicago Theological Seminary graduate student, Chicago

"'The Historian,' by Elizabeth Kostova. It's a novel about a historian who searches through her father's papers and finds information about his search for the truth about Vlad the Impaler."

Polli Kenn, program director, Lawrence

"'A Walk in the Woods,' by Bill Bryson. It's about a middle-aged man who moves back to American after living in Europe for 20 years, and he decides to walk the Appalachian Trail."

Blake Grossenburg, barista, Lawrence

"'A Country Doctor,' by Franz Kafka. It's about a doctor who is traveling to see a sick patient. It's mysterious, and anything could happen at this point in the story."

Tanya Woolery, file clerk, Lawrence

"'Have a Nice Day,' by Mick Foley. It's his autobiography. He is actually a really good writer."

Richard Johnson, sociologist/grant coordinator, Oskaloosa

"'Nature's Economy,' by Don Worster. He's a history professor here at KU."


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