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DVDs that can make pop’s day

June 19, 2005


So you've procrastinated and Father's Day is here. What's an offspring to do?

Spring for a boxed set of DVDs from one of his favorite TV shows, that's what.

Each year, the selection gets bigger, the product gets better, and the gems just keep on coming. There's something to appeal to dads of almost any age - a partial sampling of which I'm happy to provide.

¢ If Dad is in his 20s: The hottest ticket is "Chappelle's Show: Season 2 Uncensored" (Comedy Central Home Video, three disks, $38.99). With such uproarious skits as the one in which Wayne Brady replaces Dave Chappelle on "Chappelle's Show," Dad will be laughing a lot.

¢ More of a sleeper is "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law" (Warner Bros., two disks, $29.98), a new take on goofy old Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters. The masterpiece is "The Danna Don," re-imagining Fred Flintstone as a Tony Soprano mob boss.

¢ If Dad is in his 30s: "Scrubs: The Complete First Season" (Buena Vista, three disks, $49.99) is a good bet. Every episode in this collection made me laugh out loud at least once, and the shows hold up well on repeat viewings.

¢ "Rescue Me: The Complete First Season" (Sony Pictures, three disks, $49.95), starring Denis Leary as a post-9-11 New York firefighter, is dark drama, with some very dark comedy. But if Dad enjoys drama, and likes Leary, this is the best way to watch this gritty, daring series.

¢ If Dad is in his 40s: "The Sopranos: The Complete Fifth Season" (HBO Video, four disks, $99.98) is out. Good thing, because season six won't premiere on HBO until next year. Get your fix now, and get back up to speed, because it's tough to remember where we left all the characters without a scorecard.

¢ "Moonlighting, Seasons 1&2" (Lions Gate Home Entertainment, six discs, $49.98) is where Bruce Willis became a star, and these two seasons, complete with the original music and mayhem, demonstrate why. Cybill Shepherd was the star when this show ended, but Willis stole it effortlessly with a easygoing flair that's still fresh and amusing two decades later.

¢ If Dad is in his 50s: "Wanted: Dead or Alive - Season One" (New Line, four disks, $39.98) gives us Steve McQueen in an incendiary star-making role. The collection is loaded with extras, looks great and provides a great view at one of TV's first successful antiheroes.

¢ "The Best of Dudley Do-Right, Vol.1" and "The Best of Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Vol.1" (Classic Media, single disks, $12.95 each) are self-explanatory for fans of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

¢ If Dad is in his 60s: "This Is Your Life - The Ultimate Collection" (R2 Entertainment, three discs, $49.99). This sterling sampling of the Ralph Edwards ambush biography show features some great names indeed: Milton Berle, Johnny Cash, Bette Davis, Jesse Owens and Vincent Price, for starters.

¢ "The Edward R. Murrow Collection" (DocuRama, four disks, $59.95). When CBS News was great, this was why. "Harvest of Shame," one of TV's all-time best documentaries, is here, as is Murrow's bold dissection and deflation of Sen. Joseph McCarthy on "See It Now."


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