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Suicide bomber kills 23; 4 Americans die

June 15, 2005


— A man standing in a line of people waiting for government paychecks in Kirkuk detonated a bomb strapped to his waist on Tuesday, killing himself and at least 23 others, many of them elderly pensioners and children selling wares in a nearby market.

South of Kirkuk, in the town of Kenaan, a suicide car bomber killed five Iraqi soldiers at a road checkpoint, and a mortar attack left the town's police station in flames. And in western Anbar province, in Habbaniya, police found 24 bodies dumped in two separate areas.

The U.S. military, meanwhile, reported that two Army soldiers attached to a Marine unit were killed Monday near the western city of Ramadi when an explosive device struck their vehicle. A roadside bombing killed an American soldier Tuesday on Baghdad's south side, and a Marine was killed Tuesday by an explosive near Fallujah, Iraq.


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