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Peruvian ‘Miracle Baby’ doing well

June 9, 2005


— One week after surgery to separate her fused legs, 13-month-old Milagros Cerron was recovering quickly, with daily treatments inside a super-oxygenated hyperbaric chamber to speed her healing, her doctors said Wednesday.

Dr. Luis Rubio said there were no complications and showed reporters a video of an examination Tuesday in which doctors opened her bandages and evaluated the results.

"The little girl has no problem with infection or any complications," Rubio said.

Milagros, whose name means "miracles" in Spanish, was born with her legs connected from thigh to ankle - a rare condition known as sirenomelia, or "mermaid syndrome."

In the video, doctors used a small circular saw to open the outer cast around Milagros' legs, then peeled back layers of bandages and cotton wadding to reveal the line of stitches extending from her heels to her inner thighs.

The child was under general anesthesia during the exam. She has been shown on Peruvian TV in recent days, giggling and bouncing to music while doctors, dressed in full surgical gowns, cooed and made faces despite their masks.

Milagros' doctors say she will need years of corrective surgery to repair her sexual, digestive and other internal organs.

But her plastic surgeon, Rolando Pinto, said the prognosis is good that she will be able to lead an active life.


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