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No surprise

June 8, 2005


To the editor:

Mr. Dalton's recent letter about the mausoleum should certainly come as no surprise to the elected city officials or the Journal-World. In the recent City Commission campaign, as a candidate, I submitted to the Journal-World reporter a statement about various issues, and the mausoleum and Memorial Park were covered.

Now both have come to the forefront. The city has the money to address the mausoleum. A wrought iron fence needs to be erected, the windows replaced and secured and proper plaques placed outside identifying the remains inside as well as those who were there. Among those moved were the parents of Elfriede Fischer Rowe, a well known Lawrence resident, and Wilma Miller whose property is now East Hills business park.

There is nothing to study but correct the "mess."

Mr. Dalton, a descendant of the Bowersock family, deserves his request to be honored in a timely manner. Do we have the city management and city commissioners willing to do what should be done?

David Holroyd,



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