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Commentary: Despite late start, good deed jump-starts weekday morning

July 31, 2005


It's Friday morning and the path to work is littered with time-eating delays.

A couple of long phone conversations, a solicitor at the door and a passing motorist with a newspaper question (true) hails me as my hand touches the car door handle.

Since the clock had already won, we allow another five minutes to stop at a bakery for a roll.

"Do you by chance have a set of jumper cables?" a man asks as we hustle past on a Vermont Street sidewalk. "I have a van full of bread, and I've got to get it to Topeka."

I tell the man, "Sorry, no cables."

"Thanks anyway," he said, anxiously lighting a cigarette.

I have a set of jumper cables in the back of my car parked two spaces from the bread man. Never been used.

I bought them in Cameron, Mo., in April 1999, six years ago.

I decided I needed them after being rescued on a dark, rainy evening at a Missouri rest stop off I-35. My savior was Jude Gillahan.

Ours were the only cars in the rest stop parking lot. His would start, mine wouldn't.

I was back on the road headed to an Iowa meeting in minutes but not before Jude was telling me about his niece, the Lawrence dentist Susan Hall.

I even wrote a piece about the "St. Jude" incident that included the kind soul in an O'Reilly Auto Parts store who cleaned my battery terminal and wouldn't accept payment. I told myself I'd return the favor someday.

Back in my car, I figured the clock would have to wait another minute or two.

I pulled alongside the bread man's car.

He hooked the cables to his battery, and we were both back on the road in less than a minute.

Friday morning was suddenly good.


gutenberg 12 years, 9 months ago

Needless to say, a story like this can charge your battery, too.

Incidentally, has anyone noticed the ad posted by google following the story?

"Smart Auto Self Jumper Self Jumpers, chargers, batteries Independence Day Sale, Free Gift"

Maybe that's what we need more of...."Smart Self Jumpers"

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