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Summer good time to hunt for squirrels

July 24, 2005


It may be hot and humid, but dyed-in-the-wool squirrel hunters are so happy to get back into the woods they won't notice the heat and humidity.

Early season squirrel hunting gives hunters a chance to to take advantage of an abundant population at a time when the squirrels are very active.

No other outdoor experience offers the same challenges as squirrel hunting in July and August.

Temperatures are commonly above 90 degrees, the humidity is often high, and there is always a wide variety of swarming and biting insects to contend with.

In addition, ground vegetation is often unbelievably thick and makes travel through the woods difficult, while leaf cover in the trees is also thick and makes spotting squirrels difficult.

On the other hand, the determined hunter is often rewarded with a limit of squirrels.

There are some things hunters can do to make July and August squirrel hunting a little more pleasant. For instance, they can plan their hunts so they are in the woods shortly after sunrise when temperatures are the coolest.

Most hunters are comfortable in the woods when the temperature is below 70 degrees.

An ideal time to hunt is after a rainstorm when the woods are cool and moist, which allows the hunter to move and stalk through the timber more quietly.

To avoid run-ins with chiggers, sprinkle a heavy saltwater solution on pant legs. Wear rubber boots to protect against chiggers, and keep the pant legs dry when moving through damp vegetation.

A good insect repellent will discourage chiggers and mosquitos as well.

When September rolls around, cornfields and associated cottonwood stands become the more popular hunting spots.


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