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Colorado lion killed

July 10, 2005


— Colorado wildlife officials had to destroy a 130-pound adult male mountain lion this month in a Colorado Springs subdivision.

The lion had taken cover under shrubbery in a backyard.

"It is unusual to have such a mature lion in that part of Colorado Springs," state official Dave Lovell said.

Initial reports were that it was a small lion between 70 and 80 pounds. After assessing the situation, state wildlife officials concluded it was impossible to tranquilize the lion in its present location.

Finally, in late evening, the mountain lion came out of the thick bushes, but did not leave the backyard. At that time it became clear it was not a young lion but a large adult.

For the next 20 minutes attempts were made to haze the lion to encourage it to leave the back yard in hopes it would go toward a drainage ditch and eventually out of the city.

Officers fired rubber buckshot at the lion to further encourage it to leave the property. The lion was hit, but did not leave. Instead, it moved back into the shrubbery.

As the scene continued to unfold, it was determined the lion had an injured leg caused by being hit with the rubber buckshot, making it more dangerous. Thus, an officer shot and killed the animal.


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