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Bush not budging on climate

July 8, 2005


— President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair failed on Thursday to reach agreement on international efforts to combat global warming, even as they showed immediate solidarity in the London attacks that overshadowed other issues.

On the first full day of meetings by the world's major industrial powers, Bush and Blair emerged from breakfast at this highlands golf resort hotel to tell reporters that a new international pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could be at least seven years away.

"We're not going to negotiate some new treaty on climate change" at the economic summit held by the Group of Eight, or G-8, major industrialized nations Blair told reporters. "What this is about is seeing whether it will be possible in the future to bring people back into consensus together."

Bush appeared not to budge Thursday, warning that such mandatory standards could cripple the U.S. economy. "I also strongly believe that technologies and the proper use of technologies will enable the world to grow our economies, and at the same time, be wiser about how we protect the environment," Bush said.

If a consensus is not reached by 2012 when the Kyoto agreement expires, "then we've got a real problem for the future," Blair warned.


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