Celebrating 100 years Stan Herd style

Crop artist helps 4-H Club mark centennial of organization

Douglas County 4-H Club members wait for the final bag of mulch to finish a crop art piece commemorating the 100th year of Kansas 4-H. Work on the project began Saturday morning and ended in the late afternoon at Pendleton's Country Market.

More than a dozen members of the Douglas County 4-H Club had a chance to apply their agricultural talents in an unconventional way Saturday at Pendleton’s Farm, 1446 E. 1850 Road. The aspiring farmers helped crop artist Stan Herd construct a copy of the 4-H club’s 100-year anniversary logo, which measured approximately 25 feet wide. The crew used mulch, corn leaves and recycled soda cans to map out the logo.

“It’s not permanent – if the wind came it might ruin the whole thing,” said Margaret Pendleton, 17, the 11-year 4-H veteran who organized the event. “But we got a lot of really good pictures.”

Pendleton’s Farm will be open from noon to 6 p.m. today for a viewing of the logo. Photos of the logo signed by Stan Herd will be on sale as well.

Joanna Wakeman, 16, of Lawrence, left, makes final adjustments to the crop art piece.