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In the halls

January 18, 2005


Which social issue in Lawrence concerns you the most?

Andrew McKee, senior, Lawrence High School

"I would say that homelessness concerns me the most. It seems to be an execrating problem."

Taylor Solwa, ninth-grader, West Junior High School

"The homeless population. It's sad that they are out in the cold and that they don't have any family members to be with around the holidays."

Casey McMurphy, ninth-grader, WJHS

"I don't think people earn a high enough wage in Lawrence. It doesn't seem like there are many high-paying jobs here."

Emily Clark, ninth-grader, WJHS

"I think homelessness is a big social issue. They don't always have enough food to eat or a place to sleep."

Jason Little, sophomore, LHS

"Probably homelessness. It's a big issue in this town."

Terrence Tidzump, ninth-grader, WJHS

"I think it's homelessness. It seems like there are always more and more, especially when the weather is warm. They are all over the place downtown."

Sam Foster, ninth-grader, Southwest Junior High School

"It makes me mad that they closed the mental health unit at the hospital. Now people with problems have to go out of town. I think that it ties in with the homeless issue."

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