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What are you reading?

January 9, 2005


Ryan Ludwig, barista, Lawrence

"'The Ruined Map,' by Kobo Abe. It's about a detective trying to find a man who has disappeared, but the people who have hired him don't seem too interested in actually finding him."

Howard Callihan, musician, Lawrence

"'Abarat,' by Clive Barker. It's about a girl that goes from a very mundane place to a very magical place to pursue her destiny."

Amy Cox, waitress, Lawrence

"'Demian,' by Hermann Hesse. It is a soul journey, enlightenment type story. I actually learned something from this book, and I think everyone should read it."

Caydence Taylor, reconstruction worker, Lawrence

"'Natural Magick,' by Sally Dubats. It's a general guide to plants, herbs, stones, colors, ruins and numerology."

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