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J-W candidate questionnaire — Doug Holiday

February 25, 2005


These are the responses from Doug Holiday, city commission candidate, to the Journal-World's candidate survey.

1. Name: Doug Holiday

2. Occupation: Restaurant co- owner and operator. Biggs Barbeque 2429 Iowa.

3. Date of Birth: 8/8/62

4. Years in Lawrence: I moved to Lawrence 9-1-00.

5. Family: Shawn, Wife and 3 boys Seth, 10 , Jacob, 7, and Ben 4

6. Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian

7. Previous Political Experience:Volunteer for Convention and Tourism Bureau 4 years Chairman for same 1.5 years. I was on the Board of Directors for Chamber of Commerce for 1.5 years.

8. In July, a ban on smoking in most indoor public places was implemented by the city. Do you support the ban, and why or why not? I am a non-smoker and feel that the ban should have been handled differently. I am not in favor of a city dictating how a privately owned business should operate. If the citizens of Lawrence would like to readdress the situation then the proper way to handle it would be though a vote and that would have to be called for through a petition. I would highly recommend air quality test and proper air handling systems if it were overturned.

9. What's your opinion on how the city has managed and planned for growth during the past five years? I feel the past five years Lawrence has earned a reputation for being not as friendly to new growth as it had in the past. The growth has been therefore stunted as we can see with building permits at a low last month.

10. The city has begun a study to determine the fiscal impacts of growth on the city's taxpayers. Do you believe that residential growth pays for itself or costs existing taxpayers additional dollars? If you believe it does not pay for itself, how would you address that issue? Growth pays for itself.

11. City officials have begun using roundabouts and traffic circles as traffic calming control devices on some Lawrence streets. Do you believe the devices are effective and a good use of city funds? I do not believe roundabouts are good use of the cities funds. They are a safety hazard for busses, and fire trucks. I feel that money could be spent improving the streets and increasing funding for the police to calm the traffic.

12. City commissioners have authorized officials with the Lawrence Public Library to explore the possible construction of a new multimillion dollar library in downtown, or the expansion of the current facility at 707 Vt. Do you support moving forward with the project? I would like to see the library expanded I think our library is adequate but could be improved for the betterment of our city.

13. The city's task force on homeless services is currently drafting a report for a community wide strategy of providing services to the homeless. What's your philosophy on whether or how the city should provide services to the homeless? I feel that a program that would help the homeless get back on their feet would be appropriate but with the goal to get the homeless into mainstream society.

14. Specifically on the homeless, do you support an idea that has been introduced by a task force of Downtown Lawrence Inc. that would require homeless individuals to show a city issued I.D./service card before receiving certain services, such as food and shelter? I have to show I.D. to get goods and services all the time. I do not feel it would be an invasion of privacy.

15. Do you believe Lawrence has an affordable housing problem, and if so, how would you address it? I know there is a problem with affordable housing and feel the city needs to address the situation. We can look to other cities that have had success in rehabbing areas with tax credits for those families that partake in the program.

16.Please comment on your fiscal philosophy and whether you would envision the need to raise taxes during your term on the city commission. My goal would be to not raise taxes on the citizens of Lawrence.

17. The city currently offers a fixed route public transportation system. Do you believe the system, the T, has been successful and is an effective use of city funds? I think the T is a successful program and know first hand from my work on the "Jayhawks on Parade" that they work very hard at making it user friendly and are constantly trying to improve and increase riders.

18. The city currently operates a municipal golf course, Eagle Bend, which has been operating at a loss during the last several years. Do you believe the golf course is an effective use of city funds. I feel that a golf course attracts people to the city. I also feel that it should be run in a fiscally sound way, if it is not currently. The city should not have to continue to fund the course for years to come.

19. The city currently is involved in litigation to stop Walmart from building a new store at the corner of Sixth street and Wakarusa Drive. Do you believe that corner is appropriate for a big box retail development such as Walmart has proposed? The city has fought this Wal-Mart for 2 years now. It is the fault of our city for not zoning properly in the past. I would have been in favor of the school district purchasing the land, but we cannot turn back the clock. The courts will now have to decide. I hope the city commission can identify new areas of concern and react appropriately before it becomes too late.

20. The city currently has a ban that prohibits the use of most fireworks within the city limits during the Fourth of July holiday. Do you support the fireworks ban? I understand that the ban of Fireworks is in place as a safety measure. Perhaps some designated areas for Fireworks could be set up and monitored.

21. What's your position on whether and where the South Lawrence Trafficway project should be completed? I feel that Lawrence would benefit from having the S.L.T. It has cost us a lot of money and with a proper plan in place would help ease the traffic problem on 23rd street.

22. If elected, what would be the top three issues you would seek to address during your term? Safety and upkeep of our roads, attracting new diverse jobs and helping tourism to for Lawrence (and keeping the jobs we have in Lawrence) work on plans for affordable housing in Lawrence.

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