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In the halls

February 22, 2005


Why are your friends important to you?

J.J. Abernathy, eighth-grader, West Junior High School

"Because they're fun to hang around and do crazy stuff with. They are always there to help me out."

Kali Howell, ninth-grader, South Junior High School

"You can talk to them and tell them secrets and stuff."

Levi Everson, sixth-grader, Wakarusa School

"So I have someone to talk to if I'm depressed or feeling lonely. They always cheer me up when I'm around them."

Erica Demby, seventh-grader, SJHS

"If I need something, they will be there to help me out, and they always have your back, even if you get into an argument."

Ariell Silmon, eighth-grader, WJHS

"They give me advice when I need it, and you can go out and do things with them."

Darrick Whitely, eighth-grader, SJHS

"They are nice and help me out when I have a problem. I can talk to them whenever I need to."

Morgan Mills, seventh-grader, Southwest Junior High School

"They can make me laugh and they get me out of trouble."

Kristina Van Anne seventh-grader, SWJHS

"Without friends I would have no one to hang out with, and I would be a loser."

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