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Just a thought

Could speed cushions eliminate the need for traffic-calming circles?

February 17, 2005


If speed cushions alone can deal with traffic problems on Harvard Road west of Wakarusa Drive, why wouldn't the same strategy work on Harvard Road and Goldfield Drive east of Wakarusa?

City commissioners approved a traffic-calming plan Tuesday night for the area west of Wakarusa Drive. The plan calls for two "gateway treatments" at entrances to the neighborhood and four speed cushions or humps. The cushions are all located between intersections, and there are no traffic-calming circles like those located east of Wakarusa.

Speed cushions have been approved for three mid-block locations on Harvard Road east of Wakarusa, but the plan is also to make the three existing traffic-calming circles permanent. The speed cushions reduce speed, which was the complaint of residents in that area, not a lack of traffic control at intersections, which is what is addressed by the traffic-calming circles. If the goal both east and west of Wakarusa is to slow the traffic, why wouldn't speed cushions, rather than traffic-calming circles, be an equally good -- and perhaps less expensive -- answer for both locations?

Just a question.

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