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AG hypocrisy

February 11, 2005


To the editor:

So Atty. Gen. Phill Kline has waded into the Kansas education mess, declaring support for stickers in science texts, touting the slippery misdirection that evolution is "only" a theory, bolstering his adoration by our state's moss-back Methodists and brow-ridge Baptists. Fine, let them have this brand of "fairness."

I propose the Kansas Defense of Reality Act, requiring all Bibles bought, sold or carried in the state must bear the following label: "The creation and many other stories herein are only hearsay, and may in fact be Bronze Age myths, better taken metaphorically than literally."

Of course, the studied ignorance of Kline and his constituents will admit of no such "fairness." As always in religion, lies, bigotry and hypocrisy abideth -- but the greatest of these is hypocrisy.

Bruce S. Springsteen,


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