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In the halls

February 1, 2005


How do you express yourself when you decorate your room?

Kimberly Calik, ninth-grader, Southwest Junior High School
"I have posters of musicians and actors all over my walls. I have a lot of pictures of my friends, too."

Ana Hill, ninth-grader, SWJHS
"I have different colored pillows all over my bed and pictures of my friends everywhere. I have pompoms all around because I like cheerleading."

Brandon Hill, seventh-grader, SWJHS
"I have a bunch of KU stuff like a beanbag chair. Actually my room is kind of plain."

Cameron Hughes, eighth-grader, SWJHS
"I have a lot of KU and rap posters. I have a lot of basketball posters of other teams, too, but not Missouri."

Spencer Greenamyre, eighth-grader, Bishop Seabury Academy
"My room is really small and plain. I have Jayhawk wallpaper though, because my dad is a huge Jayhawk fan."

Chris Carter, eighth-grader, West Junior High School
"I make my room very unorganized when I'm in a good mood and very organized when I'm in a bad mood."

Quintin Rucker, ninth-grader, South Junior High School
"I've got a lot of sports posters and everything because I like sports."

Katie Hampton, eighth-grader, Central Junior High
"It's pink and colorful. I like candles, too. I like to watch movies in my room, so I like it to be cozy."

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