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Old home town - 100 years ago today

December 23, 2005


From the Lawrence Daily World for Dec. 23, 1905: "The annual dinner of the Sons and Daughters of New England was attended by more than 150 last night in Journal Hall. The group consists mainly of people who can trace their lineage to New England, from which settlers first came here in 1854. : A slight reduction in the price of coal will benefit many here a little bit, but the drop, mainly for lump coal, is not sizable. : Basketball cannot hope to become a great national game. There is too little chance of people getting killed playing it, as is the case with football and other violent activities. : It was an exceedingly slim house that greeted boxer John L. Sullivan at the Bowersock Opera House last night. The few who were there were pleased the with rest of the vaudeville show but had to be satisfied with merely gazing on John L., who had been reported ready to give a boxing display. He is a has-been and is a never-was as an actor so the low turnout is easy to understand. He is trying too hard to trade on his boxing reputation and few care about that."


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