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December 17, 2005


Cub Scout Pack 3370, chartered to the Deerfield School PTA, recently honored members of the Wolf Den who earned Bobcat badges. Den leader Wayne Dedloff and Cubmaster Rick Werner presented the awards during a recent pack meeting. Scouts who received their Bobcat badges were Logan Dedloff, Josh Kallenbach, Christopher Blevins, Seth Winchester, Matthew Meske, Lane Nations, Ryan Lavery, Eli McCleary, John Mitts and Taylor Donner.

¢ Cub Scout Pack 3370, chartered to the Deerfield School PTA, had its annual cake bake contest at the November meeting. The contest raised funds for the Lawrence Humane Society and had an animal theme.

The top finishers were: Drake Riner, Aaron Funk and Jarrod Bennett, Tiger den; John Mitts, Eli McCleary and Logan Dedloff, Wolf den; Brendan Phillips, Alex Doktor, Blake Murray and Brandon Wilson, Bear; Logan Cherland, Lucas Werner and John Bennett, Webelos I; Nathan Lassley, Jamie Braden and Wyatt Patterson, Webelos II.

Overall pack award winners were John Mitts, first; Logan Cherland, second; and Nathan Lassley, third place. The contest raised about $40.

¢ Cub Scout Pack 3057, chartered to the Lawrence Catholic School PTO, has had a busy fall.

The following Scouts attended Webelos Woods Sept. 16-18: Luke Fitzgerald, Luke Oberrieder, Clayton Pfeifer, Jakob Walter, John Abney, Jack Lange, Kolbe Murray and Nathan Shobe. They were accompanied by Mike Fitzgerald, Mike Oberrieder, John Pfeifer, Brian Walter, Rita Abney, Mary Pat Lange, Michael Lange, Michael Murray, Don Shobe, Ellen Shobe and Marcus Hesse.

Cubs from the pack attended the family campout Sept. 30 at Camp Bromelsick. Those who attended were: Ben Hill, Liam Rausch, Isaac McCracken, Ryan Glogau, Mark Smith, Daniel Murray, John Anderson and Noah Funk, Tiger den; Aidan Schaplowsky, Clay Lister, Brandon Bunting, Austin Dominguez, Jalen Galloway and K.J. Lashley, Wolf den; Jack Powell, Eric Glogau and Elias Schneck, Bear den; and Clayton Pfeifer, Webelo. They were accompanied by: Greg Hill, Alan McCracken, Darren Rausch, Cyndy Glogau, Randy Smith, Michael Murray, Xavier Murray, Chris Anderson, John Funk, Terry Schaplowsky, Karen Lister, Mariel Lister, Gary Bunting, Theresa Bunting, Bradley Bunting, Anna Marie Bunting, Jamie Galloway, Charlie Dominguez, Kevin Lashley, Brian Powell, Miranda Powell, Marlon Schneck, Karen Schneck and John Pfeifer.

The following Scouts received their Bobcat Award on Oct. 19: Gabriel Magee, Alex Waite, Aidan Schaplowsky, Clay Lister, Sam Witte, Brandon Bunting, K.J. Lashley, Austin Dominguez and Jalen Galloway.

On Nov. 17, the following Scouts received their Bobcat Award: Ben Witte, Tegan Bowers, Justin Cross, Noah Malsbury, Jared Lange, Michael DeGrassi, Matthew Mantooth, and Nicholas Hocking. Tiger Totems were presented to John Anderson, Andrew Bireta, Daniel Murray, Ryan Glogau, Mason Martinez, Liam Rausch, Noah Funk, Isaac McCracken, Ben Hill and Mark Smith. Ryan Glogau and Michael DeGrassi received recruiter patches.

Pack members raked leaves for several families of the Lawrence Catholic School Community on Nov. 19. The project was coordinated by Chris DeGrassi. Cubs who participated included: Luke Fitzgerald, Luke Oberrieder, Clayton Pfeifer, Jakob Walter, Jack Powell, Michael DeGrassi, Jared Lange, Noah Malsbury, Ben Witte, Sam Witte, Aidan Schaplowsky and Alex Waite. Leaders and family members who also helped were: Chris DeGrassi, Brian Walter, John Pfeifer, Mike Fitzgerald, Mike Oberrieder, Brian Powell, Michael Lange, Chip Waite, Lisa Waite, Isabella Waite, Gail Schaplowsky, Jean Pfeifer, Jacob Pfeifer and Reed Pfeifer.

Several Scouts delivered plants to veterans at Babcock Place on Nov. 22. Cubs who helped were: Alex Waite, Ben Witte, Sam Witte, Brandon Bunting, Aidan Schaplowsky, and Clayton Pfeifer. They were accompanied by Gail Schaplowsky, Theresa Bunting, Gary Bunting, Jean Pfeifer, Lisa Waite, Bradley Bunting, Anna Marie Bunting and Reed Pfeifer.


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