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Safety 101: Take the baby-sitting pop quiz

December 13, 2005


1. It's night; the parents aren't due back for hours and you hear a noise outside. Should you:

a. go outside and investigate?

b. send one of the kids out to check it out?

c. turn on the outside lights and make sure all windows and doors are locked?

2. One of your friends unexpectedly shows up at the home where you are sitting. Be sure to:

a. invite them in.

b. gently, but firmly, explain that guests are not allowed while baby-sitting.

c. visit with them outside.

3. You are diapering the baby when the phone rings. You should:

a. stop everything and answer the phone.

b. have an older child watch the baby so you can answer it.

c. never leave an infant on a changing table. If no one else is available to answer it, ignore it.

4. One of your charges is complaining of a headache. He feels feverish. You jump into action by:

a. giving him some medicine.

b. trying to distract him to take his mind off his aches and pains.

c. call the parents and ask for instructions.

5. In case of fire you should:

a. use the garden hose to put it out.

b. get the children out of the house, then call the fire department from a neighbor's house.

c. call for help immediately.

Answers: 1. c 2. b 3. c 4. c 5. b


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