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December 10, 2005


The Wednesday Afternoon Bridge Club game on Nov. 30 played nine tables directed by Virginia Seaver. In a stratified Mitchell movement, Julia Brooks and Chris Lane won first in A at North-South. Second in A and first in B went to Eldon Herd and Chuck Hedges, followed by Linda Heavin and Harriet Olson who won second in B and third in A.

At East-West, Helen and Bob Huffman won first in A and B. Dave Piro and Paul Heitzman won second in A, and Virginia Johnston and Marge Hitchcock won third in A and second in B.

¢ The Wednesday Evening Bridge Club on Nov. 30 played seven tables in a stratified Mitchell movement directed by Don Brennaman. John and Shirley Reese won first in A and B playing North-South. Harry Talley and Don Daugherty won second in A and B and first in C. Virginia Seaver and Sam Pierron won third in A.

Helen and Bob Huffman won first in A and B at East-West, followed by Ed Howard and Pat Music who won second in A. Judy Bevan and Sue Himes won first in C, second in B and third in A.

¢ The Friday Afternoon Bridge Club's game on Dec. 2 was directed by Don Brennaman. Thirteen tables played a stratified Mitchell movement. Playing North-South, Lynn Hui and Harry Shaffer won first in A, followed by Virginia Seaver and Sally Taylor. Shari Krentzel and Charlie Vaught won third in A. Don Daugherty and Harry Talley won first in B and C.

Jean Otney and Wanda Durbin won first in A among East-West players. Ed Howard and Bobby Patton won second in A. Emily Foster and Polly Schoning won first in B and C and third in A followed by Madelyn Jenks and Mona Bell who won second in B.

¢ The Sunday Afternoon Bridge Club for Dec. 4 played a Howell movement at three tables directed by Jerry Sloan. Jerry Sloan and Grant Sutton won first, followed by Jeane Landry and Mary Fenlon. Yvonne Hedges and Chris Lane won third.

¢ The Monday Evening Bridge Club for Dec. 5 played a stratified Mitchell movement at 10 tables directed by Chris Lane. Playing North-South, Clyde Romer and Steven Phelps won first in A and B. Peter Petillo and David Piro won second in A and Terry Tolar and Harry Shaffer won third. Ilse Steinhardt and Russell LaForce won first in C and second in B.

Jerry Sloan and Eldon Herd won first in A playing East-West. John Hickey and James Kelley won second, and Michael and Cathy Blumenfeld won third in A and first in both B and C.

¢ University Bridge Club announces the winners of its Dec. 3 game. Hosts were Tom and Cathy Waller and Dan and Carolyn Harden.

Blue winners were: Hank Miller, first; Tom Waller and Dan Harden, tie for second; Virginia Williams, third; John Golden, fourth; and Leo Langlois.

Pink winners were: Cathy Waller and Carolyn Harden, tie for first; Florence McNicoll, second; Ailene Bocquin, third; Wanda Kring, fourth; and Jean Khatib, fifth.


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