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Lawrence lawyer pleased after court

December 9, 2005


A Lawrence resident who argued a death-penalty case Wednesday before the U.S. Supreme Court said she was pleased with how the argument turned out.

"I got some tough questioning, but I think I answered the court's questions," lawyer Rebecca Woodman said by phone Thursday. "I felt great afterward for two reasons. One was the fact it was over and I could relax. The other was that I felt I did what I needed to do."

Woodman, who works in the Kansas Capital Appellate Defender's Office, was arguing on behalf of Michael Lee Marsh II, a Wichita man appealing his death sentence. She argued that Kansas' death-penalty law is unconstitutional because of how it instructs jurors to weigh evidence as they consider whether to impose the death sentence.

On the opposing side, Atty. Gen. Phill Kline argued to the court that the law is constitutional.

The high court is not expected to make a ruling until spring.

"It's impossible to know from oral arguments how they're going to rule," Woodman said.


RAPettifog 11 years, 3 months ago

Woodman may have been pleased with how the argument turned out but I am not sure why. All reports indicated that Kline hit a home run during arguments. Yesterday's US Supreme Court's ruling proved those reports true. The constitution permits the death penalty, the majority of the people favor it, and the crimes involve demand its implementation. Those opposed to the death penalty should stop using the legal system simply to further their personal agenda. Rather use the system to further justice.

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