Haskell announces fourth retirement

Haskell Indian Nations University learned Thursday that a fourth longtime employee, Bill McCoy, will retire.

“Like the rest of them, Jan. 3 will be my last day,” said Bill McCoy, who joined the Haskell maintenance department in May 1980.

Haskell employees Georgia Keener, Ruby Hernandez and Bill Curtis – after putting in 39, 30 and 21 years respectively – announced their retirement plans Wednesday.

McCoy, 60, oversees a heating, ventilation and air conditioning crew within the university’s maintenance department.

“Haskell has taught me everything I know. It’s let me support my family. It’s been a real good place to work,” said McCoy, who graduated from then-Haskell Institute in 1966. He is Choctaw.

“He’s been a dependable employee throughout the years,” said maintenance foreman Charles Hawkins. “He’s one of those guys who always knows his duties and responsibilities and just goes ahead and does what he’s supposed to do. You never have to get on him.”