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Six to eight inches of snow expected

Lawrence area under winter storm warning

December 7, 2005, 7:59 a.m. Updated December 7, 2005, 6:42 p.m.



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The Lawrence area has been placed under a winter storm warning through 6 a.m. Thursday. And by the time it's over, there will be six to eight inches of snow on the ground - with some areas getting even more, said Matt Sayers, 6News meteorologist.

The National Weather Service says any winds this afternoon will cause reduced visibility and some drifting. Roads, bridges and overpasses will become slick and hazardous, with accumulations making travel difficult. The warning area includes Douglas, Jefferson, Shawnee, Franklin, Leavenworth and Wyandotte counties.

By 4 p.m., Lawrence police dispatchers reported there had been 40 traffic accidents related to the snow in Douglas County since the snow started about 7:20 a.m. Franklin County reported six to eight accidents.

Lawrence Police Sgt. Jim Haller, who was out on patrol today, said he saw dozens of minor bumps and dings between cars skidding on snowy streets.

"It's just been bad all over town today," Haller said. "Just a lot of minor accidents, nothing major."

Haller said that sand trucks were out in force, but a quick drive around town in the early afternoon turned up untouched, slushy roadways.

But, sand truck or not, the weather triggers an annual tradition: The first flakes of the year means drivers reacquainting themselves with countersteering, feathering the gas and tapping the brakes.

"First snow of the season," Haller said. "People just need to be careful out there."

At 6 p.m., the temperature was 12 degrees, the humidity was 80 percent and winds were calm. Skies were overcast and Lawrence was getting a light snow. Lawrence had three to four inches of snow.

"During the evening, we expect more moisture to move into the system and that's really going to help the intensity of the snow fall," Sayers said.

The heaviest snow will occur between around 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., leaving six to eight inches behind in Douglas County, he said

"We could see a few isolated areas higher than that, especially toward the Kansas City area," he said.

The snow will taper off tonight, with very few flakes on Thursday morning, he said.

"For the most part tomorrow, I think we're going to be just cleaning up from the mess," he said.

Thursday's early morning low will be 4 degrees, with overcast skies and snow on the ground, Sayers said. Thursday's high will reach only 17 degrees, with northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.

Friday will be the coldest morning of the week, starting off near sunrise at zero degrees.

Friday's high temperature will reach 30 degrees in the afternoon, under mostly sunny skies.


samsnewplace 12 years ago

I'm ready for Spring! This white snow is pretty so long as you don't have to drive, unfortunately most of us drive to and from work. My least favorite season by far.

Bobo Fleming 12 years ago

Biggest problem will be the folks who have forgotten how to drive in snow. There were 6 cars off the road this morning between Eudora and I-435. Most of them forgot to remember that in can get slick sometimes.

Christine Anderson 12 years ago

HA,HA,HA,HA: I love this! Five little itty bitty inches of snow, and I'll bet there will be some schools in the area closed tomorrow. Heck, where I come from, we had school with a dumping of six inches, and the TEMP, not the windchill, minus 10 degrees.

I've been down here 23 years, and Kansans are still wimps!!

greyhawk 12 years ago

Blue73harley.....most excellent post!

italianprincess 12 years ago

Hurry Spring and Summer..........Hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The snow is very pretty, but to drive in it, well it SUCKS!!!!!!!!

Slow down people, drive slower then can;t be in that much of a hurry.

born1980 12 years ago

The best are the SUV drivers who zoom past you and then a mile down the road wind up in a ditch.

DGL 12 years ago

born1980: you're talking about 80 percent of the people on K-10.

born1980 12 years ago

DGL: yup, the "I spent 50,000 on my luxury SUV and now I own the road" crowd. It sure is fun to watch them slide though. You know if you were in the same spot they would zoom by, too busy on their cell phones to stop.

LadyBedlam 12 years ago

You know I am one of those SUVers and my phone stays in my purse while I'm driving(good or bad weather). I usually get passed by smaller cars going 90 to nothing. So please don't put all us SUVers in the same catagory.

born1980 12 years ago

I didnt say ALL SUV drivers, I said a certain group of them. That's funny though, I don't think a small car could even get up to 90 MPH in this weather.

LadyBedlam 12 years ago

LOL ok maybe 40 LOL. Thanks for saying not all.

spongebabi_004 12 years ago

I hope we dont have school tomorrow cause if we had school then the snow would really stink

coach 12 years ago

wow. People were stranded just south of the Iowa / 19th intersection because some of the cars couldnt make it up the hill. Then what do I see. A city of Lawrence Snow plow going south. with a load of salt. The kicker is...... no plowing going on. The road crews here are idiots.

italianprincess 12 years ago

Well its official people............No School Tomorrow.

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

And like i said in the other post.....horrah! A horde of teenagers in cars who think nothing can hurt them will be all over the streets tomomorow! Horrah! Not enough police men to cover the additional accidents they are sure to cause! Horrah! The world is ending thanks to some snow! Horrah!

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

i agree with all said... people should not be driving if u dont no how to... only drive if u r experienced and know what u r doing! PLEASE! For all the high school students like me see u at KU tommorow for a fun time sleding on the hill! If u r unsure about how well u r going to be able to handle ur car ask someone to give u a ride or just stay home. or if all else fails there is mass transit... u could ride the T bus. heck u may see a friend on there that doesnt no how to drive either. so all i am saying is BE SAFE!!! WEAR YOUR SEATBELTS! even if u can drive good in the snow some people who dont drive good in the snow drive anyways so watch out for those idiots who dont slow down in time and slide through the intersection and cause an accident.

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

Hey heres a question - why dont they ever cancel work? :)

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

because they hope that grown ups are able to maintain there vehicles by the time they have a steady income. but usually it is the people like that, that cause the accident. so expect the unexpected

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

Yo Jay -

I know how to drive in the not pessimistic just a realist. Driving comes from experience and i personally do not know of many highschoolers in kansas who are great drivers in the you?

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

BTW "carma" is spelt with a "K" aka "KARMA" damn what are they teaching you kiddos in school!?

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

actually there are bunches of them... i mean i do agree there are probably more that dont no how to drive than those that do... but dont give high school students in general a bad review just because some dont no how to drive in the snow... i am in high school and i drive very well in the snow more than likely just as good as u. it does come from experience but once u no the basics of how to handle ur car in the snow its not that difficult. most of the accidents that happen with high school students its because they are goofing around and pulling the e-brake in the middle of a busy intersection.

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

well thank you very much i really dont think "kiddos" is spelt right either so before you check my grammer go back to flipping burgers and dont bull crap people because they spelt a word wrong because obviously you dont know proper grammer either.

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

First of all, please teach your fellow students how to drive in the snow since you are boasting how to drive....

Secondly, Kiddos is an approved slang usage. Check out

Man your research kiddo before you post on a board.

And no, I do not flip burgers thank you very much. I leave that to the kiddos in highschool.

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

well hold on i dont even think u could spell check "kiddos" and get a word that you could look up in the dictionary to get a definition. karma may be spelt with a "k" and not a "c" but you can spell check this word and get a definition i guarentee it

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

oh hey you misspelled "guarentee"

Its Guarantee.

For petes sake, i sent you the link for an online dictionary and still you wont use it.

tsk tsk

Oh and yes, Kiddo is in the dictionary.

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

please believe i did check to see if "kiddos" is in the dictionary and it isnt hun so before you try to make me look like an idiot please at least check the dictionary before trying to do so

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

LOL! Have you not checked out the online dictionary yet?


Look kid, im not arguing with you about grammar. You can argue with your english teacher for all I care when you return to school on Friday.

Maybe you should invest in one of those "word a day" calendars.

Heres one for you; plethora.

pierced_daisy 12 years ago


First of all, I'm a night owl.

Secondly, isnt this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Goodnight Kiddo - dont let the bed bugs bite.

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

damn cant even put a statement on a public newspaper website with out getting a englsh lecture over spelling a word wrong. i mean that is why i go to school is to learn... i get on the internet to see how the weather is doing and someone like you comes along and i end up wasting 30 minutes on the computer argueing about what i learn in school because i spelt a word wrong

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

pierced_daisy 12 years ago not "argueing" about one word....

this makes word number three. "argueing" is spelt "arguing"

Man alive

And I only involved a debate with you because you chose to get snotty. Pick your battles kiddo.

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

i have yet to find "kiddo" in the dictionary... i really dont think you no what you are talking about... i think you should just call it quits and go to sleep because i know that mc donalds opens up really early in the morning.

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

Ok since you didnt believe

How about

1 entry found for kiddo. kiddo Audio pronunciation of "kiddo" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kd) n. Slang pl. kiddos

1. 1. A child. 2. A young person. 2. Pal. Used as a term of familiar address: "I said to the girl, rather snootily: 'I have a trade, kiddo. I'm a detective'" (Ross Macdonald).

BTW - they teach you how to research information in college for papers. Apparently highschool is all about book reports?

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

And with that, I win the argument.

Enough said.

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

i dont believe kiddo is the word you used i believe you use kiddos. come on now don't be stupid

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

go ahead look up kiddos see what you find in there

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

kiddo Listen: [ kd ] n. Slang pl. kiddos

  1. a. A child. b. A young person.

  2. Pal. Used as a term of familiar address: "I said to the girl, rather snootily: 'I have a trade, kiddo. I'm a detective'" (Ross Macdonald).

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

and with that i have won the argument... enough said

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search box to the right.

Suggestions for kiddos: 1. kiddies 2. cuddies 3. kudos 4. Caddos 5. kids 6. koodoos 7. kudus 8. Kudus 9. kiddush 10. kiddushes hold on just a second what did that first sentence say... The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary!!!!!!!

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

I cant believe you are actually arguing about this.....

and I have been drug into a kindergarten conversation about usage.

For your information, Kiddos is plural for an approved slang usage of the word KIDDO which I have provided several dictionary links for.

It is an approved term used by all dictionarys. Dont you have a dictionary? Look it up. And stop fixating that Im using a word you havent learned in school and please for goodness sakes - learn how to spell on your day off.

Take the lawrence transit you were advocating in your earlier post to the book store to get a dictionary. It will do you good especially on your ACTs and SATs.

Or WILL be flipping burgers for the rest of your life like you try to insinuate that the well spoken public must be.

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

Oh by the way - dont they teach you in school to reference your publications?

I do not see a link for the supposed search that you performed.

Tsk tsk the lawrence school system fails yet again.

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

i really dont think the dictionary was lieing to me when it said The word you have entered isn't in the dictionary

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

oh my god youre killing me with laughter.....

"lieing" is spelt "lying"

Just stop now and prevent yourself from looking like a huge ignoramus.

that makes four you, none me.

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

isn't that pretty cool how that dictionary works

pierced_daisy 12 years ago


You did a search for the plural version.

As mentioned before, you should try to search for the singular version aka KIDDO.

Didnt I mention that about 3 times?

And wow, you finally managed to figure out how to use a dictionary. Next lesson, Thesaurus!

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

I personally think the staff is laughing their butts off.....have not you noticed that they have deleted three of your posts?

They must be actively watching this because i know this has become so entertaining to me that I am staying up an additional 30 minutes to see where your antics will go.

Jacob Pool 12 years ago

i did so because i believe you used kiddos not kiddo and kiddo wasnt showing a defintion either. and dont contradict my ability to use the internet... because i do no how to and i do no how to use a dictionary

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

omg you did it again!!!!!! rotflmfao

You said, "because i do no how to and i do no how to use a dictionary"

I believe you meant to say "I do KNOW how to.....

not that you "do no how to....

omg im dying. my stomache hurts from laughter.

Not only can you not spell, but simple grammar rules escape you!

pierced_daisy 12 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

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