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Negative effects

December 7, 2005


To the editor:

Cal Thomas, the Onward Christian Soldier who never went to war, recently urged Americans to show resolve to win in Iraq by blindly following our fearless president who is somewhat disingenuous with the truth with a bad habit of inventing nebulous reasons to invade another sovereign country at his whim as he marches our country down the dirty, dangerous, deadly path to war.

Mr. Thomas has a right to his personal view. However, he crossed the line in his column when, in comparing Vietnam to the war in Iraq, he stated: "There were no lasting negative effects on the United States, other than 58,000 dead Americans."

As a Marine combat veteran of Vietnam, I personally knew some of those 58,000 dead Americans. Later, I met their kids and parents, but could only grieve with them, for I had no answers. I had no words of comfort, no rationale, no reason or logic to explain their untimely deaths. How dare Mr. Thomas belittle their ultimate sacrifice!

Someday, this country will look back at Iraq and wonder how we let this happen. Someday, a pundit like Mr. Thomas will belittle the Iraq deaths as only "negative effects." Someday the only memory of our children's sacrifice will be lost in the blood-soaked sands of Iraq, a flag at the cemetery, a lost chapter in history books, and the forever emptiness in a mother's heart.

When will we ever learn? Or do we simply choose not to remember?

Curt Bennett,



Speakout 12 years, 4 months ago

This is exactly right, thank you and I am sure the thousand Moms, daughters, sons, fathers, brothers, wives and husbands believe the exact same thing.

So I ask, why is Bush still in office? We have laws and we have the will of the people. He lied, clear and simple and we all heard them. Why is he still there?

What constitutes "a win"? When all the Iraqis are dead? When we have crushed their will to govern? In a sports game, it is who is ahead when the time runs out, or clearly 9 innings or whatever. They have their rules, but ours is open ended, because there are no goals, no reasons, no end in sight. This is the crime.

Jamesaust 12 years, 4 months ago

I suspect Mr. Thomas was confused by the radical left, which keeps trying to find Baghdad on a map of Vietnam.

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