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December 7, 2005


To the editor:

How should a university properly teach about intelligent design? It is clearly not science; there is no testable theory. Religious studies isn't really the right place for it either; the intelligent design proponents are far too coy about who the designer is to be able to say much about it as a religion.

It seems to me the proper home for a course on intelligent design is the political science department. Intelligent design is best described as a religiously motivated political movement and a rather successful one at that. Through the continuous repetition of bogus criticisms of evolution, the movement has over half of the American public convinced that one of the pillars of modern biology is incorrect.

When a KU professor wants to teach a course on intelligent design that doesn't follow the party line, do the friends of intelligent design engage in serious scholarly debate about it? No, they go quote-mining in private e-mails and indulge in public character assassination of the professor.

So how about a course titled: "Political Propaganda and the Intelligent Design Movement"? I'm sure the political science department would get lots of free publicity if they offered it.

Philip Baringer,



Richard Heckler 12 years, 5 months ago

Philip Baringer is on to something. The class may need a bouncer if the physical attack on a professor is any indication of the following it attracts.

Randippidy 12 years, 5 months ago

Intelligent design, What a wonderfully stupid oxymoron! Right up there with "christian science". Yes the world is flat and PI is not an irrational number, the sun revolves around the earth and if we could ever escape the "atmosphere" we would be in heaven with a bunch of angles. Reason rules, always has always will. Not because it is politically correct (as you fascists are so fond of saying), because it is the only thing that works. We as a "country" have recently witnessed two shining examples of the difference between reason and stupidity. 1) Cathleen Blankmind in her infinite "wisdom" calling for a day of prayer while about a thousand people were drowning not more than a mile away from her. Reason would tell us to take action, not sit on our ass mumbling stupid cliches for a day. Next to bat was the sadistic butcher who some people are actually dumb enough to believe was elected president to what was formerly a constitutional democracy. Same story, lets do NOTHING and set aside a day of prayer in what is supposed to be a "religious neutral" "country". Result - well we cleared out the poor class in Nor'leans, let them die to be correct. I suppose the religious bigots felt some satisfaction and sence of "accomplishment" in this, after all those people (well the "good" ones anyway) are right there partying like hell in heaven and loving death now. Is that not the idiotic Christian belief? Face it you have nothing to offer and most assuredly you have nothing to offer regarding reason or science.

Ragingbear 12 years, 5 months ago

Repent! Ye are angering the great Flying Spagetti Monster! Take his marinara sauce into yourself, and behold His noodly appendage.

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