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December 1, 2005


To the editor:

Anti-evolutionists, to reduce flack from scientists and other educators, have transformed "creationism" into "intelligent design" to be taught in tandem with science in high school biology classes. This seems logical. The "intelligent designer" or "God" (his old name) designed the Earth and everything in it. Science tells us this happened 5 billion years ago. The intelligent designer had 10 billion previous years of experience while designing the universe.

Recently, in Dover, Pa., intelligent design school board members were voted out by people who believe intelligent design should not be taught in science classes but possibly in some other class. This drew the following comment from the Rev. Pat Robertson: "The people of Dover have drawn the wrath of God and should not expect His help when disaster strikes since they have voted Him out of their city!"

I don't understand why this bothers people. A God who can (and did) eliminate 60,000 people in Sri Lanka and 90,000 people in Pakistan with one volcano and one earthquake would not find Dover much of a challenge. Also, "He who rules the wind and rain" used these two elements to cause a few problems in the southern United States.

So if intelligent design is to be taken seriously, maybe its ravages should be discussed in a science or social studies class. Students might understand the need for more understanding of science and its application to prevent or clean up the messes caused by intelligent design.

Carl Mibeck,



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