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HyVee Food Stores won’t sell tickets

August 26, 2005


HyVee Food Stores won't be selling Kansas University football tickets this year.

"KU has decided to go in a different direction," said Shawn Brown, store director at the HyVee at 4000 W. Sixth St.

He called the university's decision "understandable," noting that for the past three years HyVee has been selling single-game tickets for $10 while comparable tickets sold for $35 at Memorial Stadium.

"We bought the tickets at a (bulk) discount and, essentially, passed that discount on to our customers," Brown said. "It wasn't a profit source for us. We did it both as a service for our customers and to help the athletic department."

KU associate athletic director Jim Marchiony confirmed the change.

"HyVee has been great to work with, and we appreciate all their help in the past," he said. "But we're just not in a position to keep doing what we had been doing."


sonny 12 years, 3 months ago

I think this is so stupid. every body want's to make money if they want me to pay more than ten bucks start winning games. I mean I coould see if they were USC but thier not. 35 is way to much but that's richie rich lawrence the poor people never see games. I was poor when I was younger in this town only time I saw a game was throught the boys and girls club that's sad. city you doing a crappy job.

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